What webcomics are you addicted to?

In this month-long break between finals and summer session, I want to get hooked on some more webcomics. The ones I read now are fantastic, but I need more. More! Here’s what I read so far:
[li]Sluggy Freelance www.sluggy.com - #1 fave. Wish I could justify buying a stuffed Bunbun.[/li][li]Goats www.goats.com - Took a few months before I got into it, but now I really dig.[/li][li]8-Bit Theater www.nuklearpower.com/comic - Love it, and I never even played old-school final fantasy. Lately it’s been a bit slow, though.[/li][li]Parking Lot Is Full www.plif.com - Sadly, this one just ended it’s run. It’s, as my friend described it, a “nihlistic train wreck!”[/li][/ul]

So, any other recommendations?

Curses! I even previewed! Of course I know the difference between its and it’s. Drat.

So what is wrong with how you used “It’s”?

It’s = It is

It is . . . a . . . wreck.

There is nothing wrong with that.

Stylistically, your sentence is not a thing of beauty, but it’s not grammatically incorrect.

Well, sluggy has already been said, but I also follow User Friendly ( www.userfriendly.org ) and the BOFH ( http://bofh.ntk.net/Bastard.html ) ( http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/30/index.html )(I know: Not a comic, but it makes me laugh just the same)

Adventurers! www.adventurers-comic.com
RPG WORLD www.rpgworldcomic.com
Strange Candy http://strangecandy.keenspace.com
PVP www.pvponline.com
Megatokyo www.megatokyo.com
Elf Life www.elfLife.com
Kevin&Kell www.kevinandkell.com
Faux pas www.ozfoxes.com/fauxpas
Jack http://jack.keespace.com
Penny Arcade www.Penny-Arcade.com

Untitled (the best!) http://untitled.keenspace.com

Sexy Losers:


And I’m sorry to hear about PLIF. That sucks. :frowning:

Doubting Robert, that was what I was referring to. And to the rest of you, thanks for the suggestions! There goes my productivity for the rest of the week! Keep 'em coming!

UWmite, I must have read the OP three times, and I still didn’t see the other “it’s.” Sorry about that.

smiling bandit, I second your nomination of “Kevin & Kell.”

Sluggy and Penny-Arcade.

And yes, I did justify buying a stuffed Bun-bun. It arrived in a short three weeks, too.

I used to read Lethal Doses, as the artist was a close friend of mine, until apparently his ego grew a little too large and he alienated pretty much our entire social circle. I haven’t checked it in two and a half years, easy.

I absolutely adore PvP: www.pvponline.com. The best webcomic dedicated to us RPG/computer/role-playing dorks.

Oh yeah, and Angst Technology: Red Hat Ceph Storage. Gotta love the IT Ninjas. :slight_smile:

I read www.gpf-comics.com daily. It’s been a little down lately–actually some of the recent stuff has been very depressing–but I think it’s about to pick up again.

I like many of the above, and also Real Life.

I’ll third the Kevin and Kell nomination. It was the first webcomic I ever got hooked on (the first anniversary gag with the flowers did it), and while there have been others that are more outrageous and zany, K&K still has the most heart.


Definitely Jerkcity, although it takes a particular brand of humour to enjoy it.

Also www.ashfieldonline.com.

Kick-ass sci-fi comedy.


And several others listed above.


Boy Meets Boy

(YAOI is of course gay-themed Japanese-animation, as if you didn’t know that already)

At some juncture I have been addicted to the following web comics:



I am taking a liking to Sluggy now though. No stuffed Bun Bun yet.

So many comics, so little time:

Sluggy. Of course.

When I Am King. A comic story about unrequited love w/ a beginning, middle and, sadly, end. Cool use of flash animation.

Ozzy and Millie. Smart and topical. Think Disney crossbred w/ the Simpsons.

Too Much Coffee Man!. Jittery existential angst at its finest.

Exploitation Now!. Was all about cheap thrills. Has developed some surprisingly complex storylines recently.

Bob the Angry Flower. Ummm, you have to see it for yourself. Bob’s really angry.

And, the legendary SpaceMoose.