Still Reading Questionable Content? (possible open spoilers)

Anyone still reading it? I kind of missed the last 40 of them but I just got caught up again.

Somewhere in between, we got to see a redrawn version of the third page which was nice. I’m surprised at how much the drawing has changed since then. I had completely forgotten.

This whole Marigold twist might turn out to be interesting.

Only thing is it might be nice to have another guy as a character.

I’ve been following it for a couple of years now. Marigold put Angus in one hell of a terrible position.

  1. He backs off and she’s hurt.
  2. He bangs her and she’s hurt.

It sucks but I betcha it’s true to life for a lot of people.

I thought it was amusing to see Angus’s inebriation bubbles all pop in the last panel of #1630. Boom, instant sobriety. I just can’t figure out why it’s titled “Arthurian Legend”. Anybody?

Anyway, Poor Marigold. She lays it all on the line and loses. This should make her 10x more shut-in than before. Poor kid.

Marigold will survive. They should introduce a new guy character for her so that Faye and Angus can find a way to still get together.

No, match her up with Angus. I totally ship Faye and Sven.

I did, too, but Sven seems to be gone for the moment. Plus Angus just embarrassed Marigold, so I don’t really see that panning out for her. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sven will be back, and Faye will try to keep it on a just friendly basis, but…

They’ll fight, and they’ll shag, and they’ll hate each other till it makes them quiver, but they’ll never be friends.

Nah, I think Faye and Angus will get together, and Sven and Marigold.

I wonder where Merigold is fleeing to? Hopefully her to bedroom, then Angus can talk her down. If she flees the apartment, I suppose she’ll end up at Hanners*, who probably won’t be much help other than a friendly ear. Later, there will be vast awkwardness once Merigold finally catches on that Angus is shipping for Faye; hopefully Merigold won’t stalk and kill her rival.

And I’m sure Yelling Bird will have choice goddamn fucking comments, bitches.

*and Hanners+Merigold shippers will probably be disappointed that Merigold does do not do rebound booty with Hanners. :slight_smile:

ETA: I wonder if Faye is on her way back to Angus’s place right now, after she let loose a “FUCK!!” when Dora pointed out that she’d left them alone, drunk, and one of them heavily shipping.

I was confused about the Arthurian legend as well.

I want Sven to come back and make nice with Faye as well. Poor Marigold. Although it would be funny if she ended up hooking up with Sven instead.

He already tried that, the impression given is that she told him to get lost (albeit off-panel).

It may be a theme with Angus, who is referred to as a ‘White Knighty’ by Faye in a strip titled ‘ExcaliHURR’: Questionable Content

Okay, I just have to wonder, for you Hanners+Marigold shippers…what color is the sky on your planet?! I can’t even really envision Hanners touching her OWN vaj with bare skin (and let’s not even talk about mouths!), let alone someone else’s.

Anyone else having trouble with the site today?

Aha! I believe that’s it. Thanks!

Ha, I called that one. Go me! :slight_smile:

No, worked fine for me. 1603 is up too.


Hanners doesn’t do anything so full of bodily fluids as sex ICK! She’d go catatonic at the first kiss.

I did last night. It went down for the renos I think?

It was working fine later that afternoon. I was only having problems on 3/30 in the morning.

Uh - characters don’t “ship”, do they? It’s fans who “ship” that want two characters to be in a relationship.

(Man do I hate trendy internet terms…)