I don't quite get today's "Questionable Content" strip

Re today’s strip. He’s trying to comfort her after his rejection of her advances the previous night. Makeup hug - he holds her gingerly - he tries to disengage - her arms move from his waist up to his chest - then surprised look - then he holds her more tenderly.

Is she doing something out of view? Why the surprised look? What subtext am I missing here?

At first, she’s in a loose embrace with him, but in the next-to-last panel she’s gripped him tightly, and then in the final panel, she is crying, as indicated by the movement lines around her head (which IMO are too subtle and easy to miss).

She’s pulled him into a suddenly tighter hug, and, in the last panel, appears to be sobbing into his chest.

JEEZ Jeph why you gotta be such a downer

I don’t mean to speak for Astro , but I don’t get it either and no one’s really explaining the meaning. I’ve never seen this cartoon, so not knowing the characters or the storyline, my first interpretation would be that the guy has suddenly, surprisedly found himself turned on by her.

I’m not familiar with the cartoon either, but it seems to clear to me that these are two characters that share a friendship; the previous night, the woman came on to the man, who rejected her. Today, they are discussing it: She reveals that she is hurt and upset, and he tries to comfort her by saying that he wants to be her friend, but nothing more. She initially agrees with this, they embrace, and then the embrace turns into her sobbing into his chest, which is what causes the look of surprise on the man’s face.

I’m not sure there’s anything more to explain.

QC isn’t really a “one strip at a time” kinda strip. Individual installments aren’t going to make much of any sense at all. MsWhatsit nailed it.

Especially the ones with Hannelore. Unless you know Hanners’s suite of neuroses, it’s going to be a bit puzzling.

There isn’t really anything to “get” here: there isn’t a punchline to this strip. In the last couple panels, Marigold has had another breakdown and is sobbing into Angus’s chest. I expect this is a setup for tomorrow’s strip, which will in some manner involve Angus agreeing to help Marigold over come her crippling social anxiety and awkwardness.

It may or may not help to know that Marigold and Angus are roommates, so they can’t just avoid each other until the awkward goes away. Marigold made advances while drunk, after Faye left. Faye had been there drinking with them and she’s the one that Angus likes, although Marigold may not know it. Marigold is an online gamer who has only recently started interacting with people outside of her room.

But not by banging her, let’s hope. That would totally mess her up.

+1, my call as well, but I would write that as “help her find a boyfriend.”

And Angus’ ain’t banging Mar Bear, Tom Tildrum, that’s been made clear. So thank goodness we don’t have see Angus in his He Man boxers, nor Marigold in her Batz Maru frillies.

Well, there are those of us still rootin’ for Mar-Bear and Hanners…

As much as I’d like to see that myself, the strip has made specific reference to the fact that it’s never gonna happen… I also think Hannelore is pretty straight if not asexual.

Not so much asexual as ewwwwsexual.

Aw Marigold! Sweetie, I know how you feel. I swear that strip made me tear up a little.

And there are some of us that are hoping to see Hannalore and PeeJee get together.

Okay, maybe that’s just me.

In my interpretation of the strip, Marigold is blowing Angus. Yep, full on blow job. Now, whether Angus is hung like his namesake, or he has a mutant chest penis… well that’s just up to the individual reader’s interpretation. As it should be.

Re Marigold, the strip artist really does make her pretty repulsive as he keeps drawing her with an unattractive face, then adds lots of blackheads and acne due (assumedly) to poor hygiene based on her history of not taking care of her surroundings or herself. If she’s that slack with simply cleaning her skin I don’t think Angus would be in for a treat if they did hook up if she smells like she looks.

Re: today’s (4/14) strip – Yay, Roomba babies!