I don't quite get today's "Questionable Content" strip

I’ve never seen the strip before…yep, she doesn’t want to let go of the hug, then starts crying.

Who’s PeeJee???

Apparently another indie comic thing. See here, seventh character. I’ve heard of Something Positive, but don’t follow it.

PeeJee’s from Something Positive.

Also, being rather Hanners-like in the current arc, and getting all squicked at the idea of someone masturbating to the thought of her.

Since a day has passed, the URL in the OP now refers to a different strip. The OP was about the strip now at this URL (which is rather more permanent).

Just seemed like a hug she wouldn’t let go of. Therefore, making it awkward.

But the crying thing makes more sense now.

As others have noted, PeeJee is a character from the webcomic Something Positive. My joke was that there are shippers there who want her to get together with another character Davan, much like the shippers in QC want Hannelore and Marigold to get together. In both cases, the writers repeatedly state it’s never going to happen.

Wow, and here’s a whole 'nother world full of people with hopes and dreams I knew nothing about, I’m such a hermit, I must get out more.

Marigold has two beauty marks on her face, but since she’s started hanging out with the others and has become more social, the acne has gone away – presumably because she’s washing more often.


Either the red spots are acne/pimples or the black spots are. You can’t call both “beauty marks”.

Yeah it looks like she has two moles. They’re really distracting sometimes.

Does not compute. When first introduced, Marigold had a bunch of dots on her face. Now, she consistently has the two – the others have mostly disappeared. Because the first two are permanent, and the others were acne that has since cleared up.


Did anyone else think of the movie Batteries Not Included when they saw the baby Roombas?

I forgot completely about that movie! It would be a good pickme up next time I’m in a bad mood.

Also, this QC strip seems to be a bit ADD. It’s jumped from girl who wants a boyfriend to roombas to girl who makes coffee grinding, expresso crapping robots.

All of these people are friends or at least acquaintances. The girl and guy from the first strip mentioned in the OP are roommates, and the guy is stuck on the girl who built the espresso-pooping tyrannosaurus. That girl works for the other dark-haired girl, who’s the girlfriend of another guy who once was stuck on the tyrannosaurus-builder, and the blond girl with the roombas is their upstairs neighbor and friend.

In other words, yeah, it’s a little ADD but if you’ve been following the strip for a while it’s less so.

It doesn’t help that the creator doesn’t have a cast list (or at least, one in an obvious place) on his website. I had to check out the Wiki article to get a run-down on these people and why intelligent robots are an unremarked-upon part of the strip.

Heh…Marten’s AnthroPC was in the very first strip. Intelligent robots/anthro-computers are practically background flavor now.

I can never decide whether to be sad or happy they don’t really exist.

I mean, Pintsize is funny when someone else is dealing with him - but would you want one living with you?

I wouldn’t want Pintsize…but I wouldn’t mind Marigold’s AnthroPC…she seems pleasant enough.

I’d have to disconnect him from the DSL and lock him up at night, or I’d never get the machine oil stains out of the sofa or my credit cards cleared of the pr0n site subscriptions…