Is Ok OK now?

Overheard at my office years ago:

Insane CEO, to marketing employee: Do thus and so, like this, by this date.

Marketing person: Okey-dokey

CEO: What does that even mean!?

I left out Terry Pratchett’s Librarian at Unseen University, whose comment on anything was, “Ooook.” The number of "o"s varied according to, well, who knows what.

The postal codes OK and AK make me think of exasperated cartoon characters. And parrots.

OK is drab and pedestrian. I strive to strike OK from my vocabulary, no matter how it’s spelled.

Add a little color to your affirmation phrases, like I do. Examples:

That’s the ticket!

You’re dern tootin’!

Alrighty rooney!

[Matthew McConaughey] Alright, alright, alright! [/Matthew McConaughey]. Must pronounce with a Texas drawl.

I think “Ok” could be the exasperated one, where the O is stressed, and the k follows after a brief pause in a quieter falling tone.

Then oK can be the delighted one, with a heavily emphasized K.

Just don’t make the hand gesture for … however … you choose to write it. Some a**holes stole it. I swear, if they go for the Peace sign, I’m gonna’ throw down. :rage:

I refuse to let a bunch of trolls, using their mothers’ internet accounts, dictate what hand gestures I use.

I concur. Ignore the trolls. I will still wear Hawaiian shirts, display the American flag, and give the “OK” hand sign.

They can only “steal it” if you let them.