is omni sci-fi mag out of print?

I read a story in Omni 6 to 8 years ago about a Texas sheriff and his town being invaded by little green men. The sheriff character was dedicated to Slim Pickens. Anyone ever read this story? Know how I can possibly get a copy?

Failing that, try the Library of Congress.

Ah, the Penthouse of science.

I miss that magazine. Looks like the website is fossilized as well.

Also try your local used book stores, Goodwill & Salvation Army-type stores. And there’s always E-Bay, they seem to have at least one of everything!

Yeah, you know you’re in for high-quality science when Guccione is the publisher.

They published several collections of the Science Fiction that appeared in Omni. Whatever you think of the mag, they published some good SF.

Maybe try used bookstores to find these collections.