Is Pacquiao a top 10 ATG?

He’s the only 8 division world champion in boxing history, and his resume is absolutely insane.

Has he done enough to be considered a top 10 ATG?

If Mayweather wasnt such a friggen coward, Pacquiao would have beaten him in their prime over a series of fights and cemented his claim to being one of the alltime greats.

His resume speaks for itself but top ten all time PvP boxing is rarefied air - you’re talking about an inner sanctum of quality that stretches back down the centuries.
Not quite top ten for me, think top 20 is a better argument - Floyd takes him all day at 135 and I wouldn’t have Floyd top ten either.

The 8 division champ doesn’t mean anything to me if a fighter is tanning the pharmaceuticals to make it. I know no one gives a shit about drugs in boxing, but there are limits and I reckon Manny was over them on the reg. Started minimum weight and ended up sparking out superwelters.

I would have loved Manny to have been given the chance. He is a one punch can change everything fighter. Its sad to me that we will never know…

Yeah their fight was really unsatisfactory - should have happened years earlier. Although their primes are a bit out of phase in weight ISTM - Floyd at super feather / lightweight when he let the hands go was unbeatable, vicious offence to go with all time great defence. Moving up in weight in his latter years his hands got frail and he really went into his shell. Whereas Manny at lightmiddle (e.g. the Margarito fight) was an absolute beast.

So if the mythical matchup around 2010 around welter / light middle then I can see more of a 50/50 proposition. Earlier on at lightweight then Floyd is the clear winner IMO.

Arguably Pacquiao is is the best boxer eve. He not only won titles in 8 weight classes, but dominated all those divisions except welterweight. At least in regard to his ability seen across such a span of weight classes no one was ever better. And his career has been lengthy as well. He didn’t have a long undefeated streak like many others, but he had a long streak of being a dominant boxer moving from one division to the next.

I’d certainly put him in the top ten boxers of all time.