Is Q Anon still doing “drops?”

Haven’t heard much about Q recently. Is Q still doing “drops”?

Yes, though he took an 18 month vacation from late 2020 until early 2022.

There are some who have skepticism that this is the same old Q, but I doubt that Ron Watkins (who is admin at the 8kun site Q posts to, and accidentally admitted to being Q in a documentary) would allow an impostor.

Then again, he could also be outsourcing these days, so who knows?

What’s a ‘drop’?

A “drop” is a post on the 4chan message board by “Q”, the government insider who is exposing the global satanic pedophile cabal. The first post was in 2017. They stopped after the 2020 election, but seem to have restarted recently.

Wasn’t Qanno started as a joke? And then it got a life of it’s own?

I still see a couple of kids starting it up. Perhaps experimenting with web sites or sociology for a collage course.

And laughing their asses off when people buy into the unbelievable crazy bullshit they make up.

Nobody knows for certain who the original Q was, and therefore nobody knows why it was started.

At some point Ron Watkins took over the role. It’s believed that he wasn’t the original Q because after a short while Q completely changed, as if it was a different person behind the account. Ron was the admin at the site Q posted on (8chan, later renamed 8kun) and it would have been trivial for him to do so. Ron has never openly admitted being Q, but accidentally confessed in a documentary before trying to backpedal about it.

If you haven’t seen the documentary series Q: Into the Storm I very heartily recommend it. It was fascinating and informative. It’s available on HBO Max. Suffice to say that the story behind Q is extremely complicated.

Hoooo, boy. I might try. I should learn more about these folks. Sort of like having an evening at a sewage treatment plant I suppose.

I agree with @Atamasama. It’s very worth the watch. A deep dive into the whole Qanon phenomenon and how it slithered into our national political dialogue.

I still consider the Sewage Treatment Plant the very best field trip I ever had as a student. And I was there as part of a crew dumping buckets of sewage, not as part of a tour.

It’s an apt metaphor. Understanding how bullshit is created, collected, and disseminated is important for anyone hoping to combat its unchecked spread.

My wife works at one. I’ve never actually gone there, though.