QAnon conspiracy craziness. Trump is actually working with Mueller!

Trump is secretly working with Mueller!
Tom Hanks is a pedophile!
This is truly nuts.


QAnon IS Trump. Trump himself was originally planted by 4chan. Now it all makes sense.

It also works in a subtle (or not-so-subtle) reference to Qanoon-e-Islam, proving that Trump is an Indian Muslim.

YouTube is full of this nonsense, both by true believers and people talking about it being nonsense.

Just the fact that 4chan is involved makes me seriously doubt the credibility of QAnon.

:eek::smack::eek: Wait, so you’re saying that Trump, TRUMP is:

?!?!?!?! Boaty McBoatface ?!?!?!?!

Oh, there’s no doubt that it has zero credibility. That’s not even in question.

I never heard of a Q-level security clearance - apparently it’s a Dept of Energy equivalent of the DoD Top Secret.

So someone with DoE has the secret scoop on Trump and Mueller? yeah, sure, why not…

I just want to know what John de Lancie’s part in this conspiracy is.

de Lancie is just a red herring, the real power behind the conspiracy is Trelane.

And we have slave children on mars. Don’t forget that.

This is the type of ‘intellect’ it takes to believe that DJT isn’t a crook and a moron.

How is that pronounced? Kwa-non? Cue-anon?

Either way it’s stupid.

Wow! Utterly amazing! I had not heard of this before. So, now we finally know the truth. Wotta awesome relief it is ta know that the Trumpster and his pal Mueller are working together to finally break up that awful Martian sex slave operation. Those lousy Democrats and Hollywood-preverts gonna pay fer their crimes against God and nature. About time!!

Seriously, this is just stupefyingly-stoopid. I weep for humanity…

I guess if you believe in trickle down economics and abstinence only education, you will believe anything.

Well, they sure are abstaining from education…

That is a level of crazy you to WORK for.

It would appear we are rapidly approaching the advent of some sort of Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory. This is Nobel-level stuff, folks.

Maybe on the way to approaching the advent. :smiley:

(i.e. approaching approaching the approach) :wink:

I assumed it was a reference to “Q” from the James Bond series. The guy who makes the government’s laser pens and what not.

Well yes, we might be approaching that.

Darn, Frodo. You beat me to it.