Is "rape" real?

I’ve always been unable to reconcile my mental image of “rape” - that is, a man forcing vaginal penetration/sex on a woman - with the real-life mechanics of how “tab a goes into slot b.” It seems to me that in the vast majority of cases, it would be ridiculously difficult or completely impossible for a man to “get it into” a struggling woman who’s not self-lubricating in any way. I’d imagine that a dry, unwilling vagina would be very difficult to get anything into - the sheer volume of aftermarket lube product for sale implies that it can often be a difficulty with a willing partner.

Or is it just that when people say “rape,” they’re more often referring to the panoply of actions that constitute “sexual assault,” such as groping, forced kissing, humping, etc. happening against the victim’s will?

Is “rape” - my defintion of a man attacking a woman and, as she struggles, engaging in penetrative vaginal sex against her will - a real thing?

Good lord. How fast is this thread going to go to pieces?

I can speak from experience.
It is possible. Also painful, both physically and mentally.


Of course there is.

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