no men will be dipping their wick in this crazy

I swear you can’t make this stuff up

I’m really confused about the “it’s unnatural” part.

I really hope that the 22 comments on that page are all from the author’s sock puppets.

I saw reference to “not posting” some comments, so she must be individually approving each comment.

Under her ideology, when a woman rapes-via-intercourse a man, is the man still the rapist?

Dis bitch is nuts.

Women who rape men are just turning the notion of the patriarchy back on itself. If he had chosen not to be born with a penis, then he wouldn’t have been raped. She was only trying to prevent him from raping women in the future so it’s OK. Don’t try to mansplain your way out of this I’M NOT LISTENING LALALALLAA

I don’t understand the ‘unnatural’ part either. Unless you consider what happens in nature to be unnatural.

What the hell is PIV? Also, this person has some serious mental hangups.

PIV - penis in vagina - rape.

By context I’m guessing it’s Penis In Vagina. But I could be totally wrong - I am a man, after all.

I clicked the link and read the text in the banner:

“radical wind
blowing through female outerspace”

and all I could think of was fart gags.

I am very, very sorry.

I could understand if this came from, say, a woman who had been raised on an FLDS compound. Intercourse and childbearing are certainly used as a means of entrapment and enslavement in those societies. And I don’t think a woman who has no say in choosing her husband, and has no options in the society other than marriage, can ever truly be said to have provided consent. Or maybe “informed consent” is the better description.

But the basic premise of her rant is that PIV is never pleasurable for women, and that’s where her personal experience is tripping her up.

“… shaking her like he would stuff a corpse…”

Wait, what?

My head hurts and I only read part of it.

I bet she’s fun at parties!

Responding to one of the comments, she says this:

I guess it’s one of those cultural things that happens in every single culture ever and in nature.

No no, I think men are supposed to dump their sperm on some rocks or something and allow women to scoop it up if they make the non-culturally-imposed decision to do so, if educated in how to break through your patriarchy-imposed conditioning first. You know, like… some fish do. Maybe. Yeah.

My favorite part

completely unnecessary?
the good news is she won’t be passing this craziness on to her daughter.


…I wonder how can she bear to exist in society, aware of all the rape all around, knowing that virtually every adult woman she looks at or speaks to was recently raped and/or will shortly be raped?

I guess that *would *drive you batshit…

From one of her comments:

So, yeah. Pretty much.

I enjoy a good session of PIV. And if it’s really good, it needs to happen often.