Is Sean Connery a nice guy?

I usually don’t care a whit about celebs, but I’ve seen this guy in so many movies and interviews etc, and he always seems so nice. I was halfway watching The Rock tonight, and even in that stinker (he’s been in a few) he came through as a pretty cool guy.
Not the character, Sean Connery.
Anyone here know him?

Well I don’t know him but I recall reading an interview with Robert Brown who played opposite Connery in Finding Forrester. Brown was a non actor who won the part at an open casting call. He considers Connery the first friend he made in show business. During filming Connery would take him home with him to hang out and talk and they had dinner together most nights.

I have heard that he is Not Nice to women.

Well, I had him over for dinner the other night and all he did was bitch and moan about how the haggis wasn’t spiced enough…

No, I’m kidding. Never met him. As a total hijack, I did meet–well, was within arm’s distance of–Val Kilmer once, and he was a type-large bastard, yelling at some little production assistant about how he wasn’t going to act with a “fucking bird.” I think he was playing John Holmes at the time, so maybe that was just that whole Method-ish acting thing taking hold, but he didn’t strike me as a particular charmer. And I’ve had the dubious pleasure of being within close proximity of Drew Barrymore twice. I swear, you couldn’t shut that girl up with duct tape and a plastic bag. And that “Pretender” guy keeps creeping me out at the gas station and the grocery store; I think he’s stalking me. :eek: I want to tell him to go get a job, but I don’t want to make him cry in public or anything. I still have yet to see Jack Nickelson on the side of the road beating someone with a golf club, so my Hollywood experience is as yet incomplete.


There was a grapevine within the “gay community” a few years back that claimed him as a secret brother. It was kind of a given at the time, although I don’t hear it as much nowadays. And since gay people are WAY nicer than straight people, well you do the math. :cool:

I too have heard rumors to that effect, or that his views on women aren’t exactly “enlightened,” or something of that nature—but this is just rumor and should not be taken seriously unless someone can come along and back it up.

He’s not very nice Alex Trebek though. :slight_smile:

Considering he’s wanted by most women, and quite a few men, I could see how he’s gotten the “not nice to women” rep. I mean c’mon, what do you do when 3 billion women just want to “get to know you.”

Well there was this lawsuit against him recently from some neighbors of an apartment of his (or his son’s?) in New York. It’s crazy – they say Connery is a “fat old man” who launched a “terror campaign” against them by playing loud music all the time. They even said they “live in perpetual fear of imminent physical harm” from Sir Sean! Sounds more like Sean Connery as portrayed on Saturday Night Live.

I don’t believe the lawsuit; I’ve never had much of an impression about Connery’s niceness one way or the other, though I guess he does seem like a pretty cool guy.

He’s also kinda mean to Alex Trebek.

From The Scotsman - a Scottish newspaper. Here’s an “open letter” of sorts from the paper’s editorial page to Sean Connery on his 75th birthday:

You can find that quote online in a lot of places. I’ve even seen a scan of the actual Playboy interview, but that was ages ago.

He has a chivalrous streak. Beore he waas well-known, he was co-starring in a movie Lana Turner. Sean took offence at the way her gangster boyfriend, Johnny Stompanato, was verbally abusing her and he told Stompanato to knock it off. Johnny made the mistake of trying to get physical with Sean, who proceded to knock him out cold, leading to Stompanato’s deprtation by the UK authorities.

FWIW, chivalry is not antithetical to misogyny. In fact they’re kinda related. Just like you pretty much have to be a racist to believe in the White Man’s Burden.

Not surprised. Here’s a picture of him in 1953 (see if you can find him!).

Fourth from the left?

Yep. Tell-tale eyebrows.

Yep, and the process of elimation – the only other possible contender was the guy fifth from the left. But wow, he does look young there.

Michael Crichton’s book Travels documents his experiences with Connery while he was filming The Last Great Train Robbery. It’s kind of neutral on whether he’s a “nice guy” or not, but he certainly lives life on his own terms.

From Travels :
Connery throws himself into his work with abandon. He is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met, both lighthearted and serious at the same moment. I have learned a great deal from being around him. He is at ease with himself, and is direct and frank. “I like to eat with my fingers,” he says, eating with his fingers in a fancy restaurant, not giving a damn. You cannot embarrass him with trivialities. Eating is what’s important. People come over for an autograph and he glowers at them. “I’m eating,” he says sternly. “Come back later.” They come back later and he politely signs their menus.

Here’s a much better picture.

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Thanks, ** lissener** I thought I was the only other person who’d admit seeing Zardoz. Creepily enough; there are parallels with that movie and his portrayl of Ramirez in the first Highlander movie, if only stylistic ones.