Is some brown rice "browner" than others?

I ask because I bought some Kroger brand brown rice, and a check of the nutrition facts reveals that I’m only getting 2% more of the daily recommended fiber that white rice provides. Don’t get me wrong: I like my brown rice and all the healthy goodness that comes with it. But with everyone raving about how more fiber you get with brown rice, I expected more.

Obvious question: Were you maybe mis-reading the nutrition label? E.g., was it 2% or 2g of fiber?

Here’s a link to product info for one rice producer that has a variety of different types of rice. If you click on the products and scroll down, you’ll see the nutrition info.

Thanks for the link, Hunter. It appears that I got the least healthiest brown rice that I could find! No wonder I like it.

To clarify, the fiber content per serving on my Kroger rice is 6% of the RDA. The regular white rice is 4%.

It looks like you not only got the least healthy brown rice around, but one of the healthiest white rices. The long drain white Hunter Hawk posted has NO fiber! :eek:

Not all generic store brands are worth the savings. Some are, but Kroger brown rice may not be.

My Kroger Instant brown rice has 2g of fiber per serving(7%DV).

I can only get two brands of brown rice here (the bag I have here is Farmers’ select California brown rice), and they both contain 1g of fiber per serving. True, my jasmine rice has 0 grams, but it’s hardly a difference worth noting.

I do like the texture and kind of nutty flavor of brown rice for some dishes, so I use it occasionally, but mostly I just stick with the faster white.