Is tattooing illegal in Oklahoma?

Pretty much what the title line asked. I was browsing a book on tattooing and I saw a table to various state laws. The one that surprised me was Oklahoma, which apparently bans tattooing. Can any Okie-dopers confirm this is true?

I’m not from Oklahoma, but sho’ ’nuff they are illegal.

I’m in OKC. Yes, it’s illegal, as in there is a law saying that it is. However, there are several body art places that are well known (as in an “open secret”) that have some damn fine tattoo artists. Business seems to be doing well.

Anecdotal evidence: As reported in several recent local TV news reports, it looks like the law may soon pass away.

Are there like “bordertown” tattoo parlors, where you can cross over into Arkansas, Kansas, or Texas and get a tattoo a mile from the stateline? Here in New York, as soon as you cross into Pennsylvania or Quebec you see fireworks shops.

Beats me. The body art places I was speaking of are within 5 miles of the Capitol building in OKC which is smack dab in the middle of the state.

Yeah, highway 412 going into Siloam Springs AR has tat parlors.

As NO Clue Boy said, OK is getting looser by the week on tats and it soon will prolly be legal.

Want one now? Go to the bike shops and ask around, there are some good inkslingers round …

I know back in the late 80’s, early 90’s they used to be illegal in Mass. My friend grew up there, and so she would drive to Woonsocket, Rhode Island, it was like 10 miles away from where she lived and would get them and go back home… ha ha
I’m surprised that they’re still illegal in some states… that shocked me :slight_smile:

Tattoo parlors were made legal in Mass fairly recently, 2000 I think. Here is a page with regulations by state: