Is "Teenage Dream" irresponsible...

…or am I just an old fuddy duddy?

I like the song; it’s catchy but the lyrics are basically a wish fulfillment for every guy that wanted to bang his Prom Date.

I’m not even sure I am saying something is wrong and I am certainly not saying anything should be censored, it just seems like there is something there I would be concerned with if I knew my teen age kid was listening to it and I am wondering if anyone else hears it too.

You’re right. Teenage boys never thought of sex before the Katy Perry song. Weird that there’s never been a pop song about teenagers hooking up before.

The Official Fuddy Duddy Test:

Did you feel the same way about Meat Loaf’s ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ back when it was released (assuming you were old enough in 1977 to have feelings about it)?

If you did, I think you’re just a little uncomfortable with songs about teenage sex.

If you didn’t, and suddenly feel Katy Perry’s song is a bit wrong, I’d say that’s a bit fuddy duddy-esque.

Glad to be of service!

I have DEFINITELY noticed new fuddy-duddy tendencies in my opinions now that I’ve become a father.

I love the production, but feel kind of dirty listening to it as a middle aged man. Most of my favorite songs have that wall of echoes, muffled, production sound. Lots of Motown did that underground sound…maybe it was Phil Spector… it just adds to the ethereal and reverbrating nature of the song. I really like the production, and welll, there’s nothing more sexy than a woman unzipping her Jeans.

Resolved: Fuddy Duddy it is! :slight_smile:

Now excuse me while I go yell at a cloud.