Is That Brando's Voice in the New Supes Trailer?

It certainly sounds like it to me. Given that he’s dead, it would have to be from the original film, which makes me wonder what direction they’re going to be going with this one.

Yes it is. They took parts of his speech from the 1978 movie as well as parts of outtakes. story

I was surprised to hear Brando’s voice and the original music from the 1978 flick. Brando’s lines that I heard, by the way, were from the film and, as far as I could tell, delivered as in that film. No need, for the trailer at least, to go pilfering audio vaults for material.

Yes, Superman Returns is essentially a sequel to Superman II, ignoring Superman III and IV.

Well the certainly paid him enough for his few minutes of screen time. They need to make up that money somehow.

I saw several minutes of film and it was a little strange.

At one point the ‘new Superman’ is holding a photo of Ma and Pa Kent and it was Glenn Ford and that woman. Also when posing as Clark Kent he really looks like Chris Reeve’s Clark Kent.

That’s what it sounded like to me. The fact they also used the music from the original movie made me want to go back and watch the first movie rather then this one, as the trailor didn’t impress me.

Can I ask why we need a new Superman movie here, or should I go start my own thread?

WE don’t need one, DC Comics needs one to erase III & IV, just like they needed Batman Begins to erase the memories of Batman & Robin.

The two are valuable franchises that DC would like to continue making money off of.

On the one hand I really like how they’re reusing the orignal 1978 Superman score, as I really don’t think it could be improved on. Plus I like how it’s going to be a sequel. Much as I liked Batman Begins I’m really sick of origin stories.

On the other hand I agree that rather than make me want to see Superman Returns the trailer (mostly cause of the music and voiceover) made me want to rewatch the 1978 one. Plus the new costume still sucks!

The upcoming movie will have a mostly new score (by John Ottman, I think), with occasional references to the John Williams themes, including the fanfare at the beginning. That’s how it stands at the moment, anyway.

I don’t recall the Superman = Jesus thing from the original movie that the new trailer was playing on.

The problem I have with this being a “sequel” is… The actors are all much younger then the original cast. Margot Kidder was was what? 30 something in the first Superman… the girl playing Lois Lane presumably the same exact person as in the original is maybe 23 maybe 24? Superman being relatively the same age is fine… who the hell knows how Kryptonians age… but Lois got younger while Superman was away? WTF.

Which is probably a good thing.

I thought the same thing… then a bunch of Superman nerds pointed out that the exact same language was used inthe original trailer and film. Supes=Christ.

No, Superman is Moses.