Is the difference in the Dem nomination process a good thing? Will it change?

Current threads here on GD got me thinking. It’s been pointed out (and I noted this on some earlier thread), that the Democrats are the only process (out of them, the Republicans, and the national Presidential race) that uses anything but “winner take all,” and that if they had used the process everyone else does, Hillary would’ve won long ago.

Is this a good thing? Should the Dems be using “winner take all,” or should the other two races use some kind of proportional thing? Does this say anything, positive or negative, about Obama’s victory or Clinton’s defeat, or about Obama’s chances in November? Will this year’s difficulties cause any sort of serious Democratic push towards “winner take all”? If so, what’re the consequences if they succeed?

(PS: I have a vague, vague notion I’ve started this thread before, but a Search turned up nothing. But I note it just in case, so I can apologize in advance. :))