Is the DNC platform scaringly similar to the Nazi Party platform?

Donald J. Trump, Jr. claims that the Party platforms of the Democratic and Nazi Parties are scaringly similar.




The germanic peoples must be brought together under a single, united fatherland.


Kill all ze joos"

I’m not seeing the similarity, didn’t the Nazi’s write theirs in german? but apparently Trump is well read on hitler so he would know.

More projection from the Bigot-in-Chief’s family.

I agree with the Democratic Party that the Treaty of Versailles was a disaster.

Party platforms in the USA mean nothing. I know I’ve said a thousand times, “You send the activists off to write the platform while the adults get together to get things done.”

Party manifestos are a thing in European politics, but I think they mainly are from post World War II.

Here’s the 25 points of the Nazi platform as of 1920 Which was early in the party when they were still trying to appeal to Socialist workers, which they later turned away from.

Some of the statements do fit into the Democratic platform such as

but on the other hand it also contains thing like

Which sounds a bit more like some other party’s platform.

I may have missed this part in history class, but I don’t recall that their push for maternity care was one of the primary reasons we went to war against the Nazis’s. More this sort of thing. has a very good discussion of the idiocy of this claim:

In short, it is either a remarkably ignorant statement by Donald the Even Lesser, or one that is intended to further mislead his father’s remarkably ignorant followers.

Well, no - it wasn’t a primary reason. Secondary at best.

Projection is a real thing.

Why can’t it be both?

All the evidence suggests that Donald Junior is one of his father’s remarkably ignorant followers.

I can’t even entertain the idea that Donald Trump Jr. knows anything about the tenets of National Socialism, or indeed anything that other people he hasn’t dealt with personally thought and did before he was born.


The trouble is that explanation a: ignorance, and explanation b: manipulation, are kind of contradictory. If he really thinks that the Dem platform closely resembles the Nazi platform, then he isn’t manipulating opinion, and if he IS manipulating opinion then he has to know perfectly well that he’s lying.

Would be nice to get him on both though.

Nope. He’s too ignorant to know if the Nazi platform matches the DNC or not. He DOES know that it would make the Dems look bad so he says it anyway to manipulate opinion.

Isn’t this just based on Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie? Death of a Nation, compares Trump to Lincoln, says the Nazis got their ideas from Democrats, and has some of the worst reviews (and most amusing) I’ve ever read. 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. I almost wish I could make myself watch it. The truth is that I would rather hear about other people who had to watch it.

But of course the GOP would focus on it … it’s a Labor Movement.
(I’ll leave now. :))

I saw this pronouncement from Moron Jr. at the same time as I read the story about the Trump rally where Moron Sr., now the president of the USA, was egging on his supporters to condemn and threaten the mainstream media as “fake news”, and there was special vitriol against CNN. I’ve also heard that some reporters now have to have security details because of threats against them.

I’m just in disbelief about what’s happening to this country. Moron Jr. is right if you take his claims and exactly reverse them, Bizarro-world style. These recent events are eerily reminiscent of the growing irrationality of Germany in the grip of the growing power of the Nazis in the mid-1930s, and that’s no exaggeration.

Well, let’s see. From the Nazi party platform referenced by Buck Godot:

And the first two paragraphs of the comparable section from the DNC platform:

Yeah, I see it. The resemblance is, uh, canny.

This is a tired old trope. In the UK, Churchill’s opening salvo in the 1945 election (that his erstwhile coalition colleagues would need to have “some kind of Gestapo”) probably increased the size of the landslide against his party, but diehard Tories went on using the “national socialist” slur against the NHS - until of course it was seen to be a popular success.

Strictly speaking, it was Hitler that went to war on the USA (and probably not because he wanted to impose state maternity care on you). Granted, it was probably only a matter of time, but he did save Roosevelt from having any argument over it with Congress.