Is the end near for Michael Steele?

Earlier this week he called the Afghanistan War one of “Obama’s choosing…This is not something the United States has actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in.”
Now some high profile Republicans including Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol are calling for him to step down as RNC chairman.

So what do you think? Has he finally stepped on too many toes?

The problem isn’t him stepping on too many toes. The problem is him chewing on too many toes. His own!

Hope not. He’s comedy gold!

We do seem to have slipped into Bizarro-World today, with the GOP chairman opposing the war, and the DNC accusing him of “betting against the troops” and undermining their morale.

Considering that he is the figurehead leader and mouthpiece of the Republican Party what he says and does starts to make sense.

The Republican Party is the “party of personal responsibility” yet takes no responsibility for their bad decisions and failed policies.

The Republican Party is the “party of fiscal conservatism” yet they have blown the national debt to levels previously unimaginable and stood by and let the economy go into meltdown.

The Republican Party wants less government regulation so they can drive freight trains through loopholes in order to enrich themselves.

The Republicans are the party of “truth and honesty” until it comes to rewriting history or skirting the law to save their sorry asses.

The Republicans are the “Party of Lincoln” yet can’t remember what happened in the last 10 years.

Republicans are the party of do as I say, not as I do. Republicans want to tell everyone else how to live as long as the rules don’t apply to them. They’ve got the answer for your life even if their own is a total mess.

Steele is perfect for the Republican Party.

Doubt it. We’re too close to the midterm for the GOP to change horses. Most of em probably believe, in private, as Steele does, just like most of em feel BP was victimized by Obama.
The newness here, that Steele pissed off a few newcons, isn’t a big enough deal to force his departure. Neocons are hardly the base of the Republican party these days.

McCain weighs in with incomprehensible politicianspeak:

Dude’s a born stand-taker!
Now anything could happen and McCain’d be covered.

Liz Cheney is a high-level Republican? Since when? What has she ever accomplished in her life? What office has she ever been elected to?

She’s the daughter of the most revered and feared man in the Republican party and, as such, is accorded reverence and respect. She doesn’t have to accomplish anything.

The party apparatchik may be fearful of Dick Cheney having them disappeared if they piss off his daughter. Who knows?

Barring some personal scandal, I’d also guess that Steele is safe until November, afterward if Republicans make significant gains, gone if they don’t.

As has been shown, a few years as Governor of Texas and she’ll be perfectly fit for the role of President. If that nowadays.

James Baker was never elected to any office, but I doubt anyone would argue that he wasn’t a high-level Republican.

The Repubs have way too few black faces to dump Steele. He is an embarrassment they will have to live with.

Losing Steele doesn’t necessarily mean losing the comedy gold:

An Idea for the RNC: Dump Steele, Hire Palin

From Steve’s NRO link:


Perfectly normal Rebublican Shit. Nothing new here.

To answer your question, joebuck, yes, the SOB should resign. Those remarks were inexcusable.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get rid of a bad penny.


This situation reminds of the scene in season 4 of “The Wire,” where Carcetti, fresh off winning the mayoral race, tries to get Burrell to resign as police commissioner - the problem being that Carcetti can’t fire him because he’s worried about how it might look for a white mayor to fire the black police commissioner and not being being able to find a suitable black candidate in the department to replace him.
Burrell just basically dares Carcetti to fire him and says that’s the only way he’s going to be able to get rid of him. Then he tells Carcetti that he’s taking the rest of the day off to play golf.

Not just “inexcusable” but also showing a real disconnect with reality. Plus, it’s not simply a onetime slip up as he’s demonstrated an unflattering pattern of bad decisions and irresponsible comments. Get rid of him and both the Republican and Democratic platforms and parties will be stronger for it.