Is the entertainment industry controlled by the Illuminati?

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Not the Illuminati, certainly. You might just as well be paranoid about the Veterans of Foreign Wars, or the Rotary Club, or the Kiwanis. The Illuminati barely have the resources to keep their name in front of the public as an icon of paranoia.

If you want to point to “The Jews,” you might have a stronger point. If you pointed at “Liberals” you’d be even closer to a valid point. But with both of these, too, you’d fall short.

“The Big Studios” don’t control movie-making any more. The old system of stars being licensed to specific studios broke down a long time ago.

“The Investors” don’t control movie-making. Movies are much more broadly funded these days. You don’t find “angels” stepping in and funding movies.

You might as well ask who “controls” the fast food industry, or newspapers, or the airlines. No one does. The market is free and wide open.

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If no one’s controlling the industry, how come most characters hold their handguns horizontal? Is it a police thing, to make sure anyone who imitates movie shooters is likely to miss?

WTF does that mean? Do you think threads just magically become polls, just because they’re *intended *to be? No? Blame *that *on the Illuminati.

Yes, by Joe Illuminati and his sons Norman, Bill, and Pierre and his daughter, Olive.

You have it exactly reversed.

The entertainment industry controls the Illuminati.

This makes a disturbing amount of sense.


Let me consult my pineal gland and get back to you.


I thought the Stonecutters controlled the entertainment industry. It’s common knowledge that they rig every Oscar night.

It means he screwed up and posted the thread without a poll, then created a corrected thread *with *poll, but everybody is posting to the wrong one. Including me. :smiley:

Well, I did click on the little polling box, but it defaulted back to no poll somehow after I previewed post.

Poll, Pole, pole.

Free Market Myth 101.

Myth! Myth!


I’m tho thor I can hardly pith.

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I think Tim and Eric run everything.

If they are, how would you describe the job they’re doing? I’m not sure I could find the right adjective to properly express it…

They’re doing not just a “great job!”, but a “Billion Dollar Job”.
Britney, Evangeline, Andy Dick - all of them, obey and serve T + E.