Is the era of the diva wide receiver now over?

It looks like neither Ochocinco or Terrell Owens will be back with the Bengals next year. While it is possible they will both land with an NFL team next year, neither of them are #1 receivers any longer.

Randy Moss faded into complete obscurity in Tennessee this year.

Out of all the new top wide receivers in the NFL, none of them seem to have the diva, egomaniac personality that has been so prevalent in the NFL over the past ten years.

Has ‘get out their and do your job’ replaced “give me the damn ball”, sharpie autographs, cell phone calls, and tweets for good?

We should be so lucky.

Among young wide receivers, I think Brandon Marshall and Dez Bryant probably qualify as divas.

I’d like to see the owners institute a “not acting like an adult” fine.

Probably wouldn’t go over well with the fans.

It does seem like that’s less of an issue. DeSean Jackson is still around, though.

I hope Julio Jones becomes a star WR, because he’s 1) a beast, and 2) extremely quiet, reserved, and hard-working. Nick Saban says he’s the hardest-working person he’s ever coached. He’s as willing to block downfield as he is to catch a ball (Saban refers to any persistent, unrelenting block that forces the defender out of bounds as “Julioing him”.)

The prima donna WR archetype could use an extended vacation.

T.O. put up good numbers on a bad team and kept reasonably quiet this year.

Dwayne Bowe has the potential to really Celine Dion it up. He didn’t have the numbers to back it up (making him just a whiny bitch), but now that he does, it would not surprise me.

My take: Not over, but not peaking either.

Does the position itself attract players with “look at me” personalities or perhaps develop them? I remember in the mid70s hearing about some psychologist who worked with the Chargers saying that. According to him receivers were generally that type. QBs could be either boozing skirt chasers (Namath) or really religious (Staubach, Starr). Offensive linemen were solid citizens working for the team (the era of Gerald Ford as President). Defensive players were more anitsocial with messy lockers.

In the era with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian making themselves rich with endless self promotion, we’ll see plenty more divas as wide receivers, IMO.

Moss isn’t the player he used to be, but the Titans just didn’t throw to him. They hardly put him in the games.

Marvin Harrison was never a diva, but the type persisted. This schtick does have a short shelf life and WRs may seem more interchangeable than they used to. That could be a little bit of an incentive for these guys to get with the program. There are lesser versions of Moss and Owens and Ochocinco out there, though.

I’ve seen more recent stories / interviews which have suggested the same thing. Because a WR spends most of his playing time in one-on-one matchups versus a defensive back, it’s been suggested that the position lends itself to more narcissistic personalities. OTOH, a WR can’t do a darned thing if the QB doesn’t throw the ball to him, so that seems to lead to potential conflict (it does seem that every “diva WR”, sooner or later, will complain that he’s not thrown to enough).

I still think its up in the air as to Ochocinco’s fate with the Bengals. He’s still under contract (option year) and the Bengals would have to pay him something like 3.5 million just to release him. He doesn’t have much trade value anymore (dammit why didn’t we take up the Redskins on their offer two years ago of a 1st rounder and a conditional 3rd for him? WHY? God hates the Bengals, that’s why!) and the Bengals would have to pay him 6 million to play next season.

Since mike Brown doesn’t like to spend money for nothing, I think he stays, dependent upon his health and attitude. He’s all pissed off at Marvin Lewis right now over what he perceives as being “thrown under the bus” (his words) by coach Lewis for calling Chad “mopey” prior to the Chargers game when Chad was injured, the same injury (bone spurs) he would need to get cleaned up and healed from in order to play.

I don’t know which one it is. I think the personality type is encouraged by the fact that they depend on the QB to get them the ball and by the confidence the position demands.

When did they start being the divas? I don’t remember it back in the late 80s - the divas were defensive players (Mark Gastineau and his sack dance) and maybe running backs, and then there was Deion Sanders.

I have to give TO props for not shying away from contact late in his career. He can still be counted on to make the tough 3rd catches where he knows he’s going to get drilled. If I was running a team that needed a #2 receiver, I’d sign TO for next season.

Moss, OTOH, I wouldn’t touch, even though he’s younger.

I think any WR wants to be the go-to guy, so it’s going to attract alpha dogs. But most defenses can just about shut down a receiver all game if they choose to, so it’s probably a little frustrating being the #1 receiver on a team because even though you’re the best, you end up having to work harder than everyone just to get your touches. And while he’s busting his ass to get open against someone like Darrelle Revis or facing constant double teams, the TEs and slot guys are getting their stats much easier.

A guy like Moss probably gets bored having to run deep every play while Tom Brady picks the defense apart underneath, and he probably wishes the QB would just throw him a bone despite the coverage and let him take a shot at going up and grabbing it.

I’m trying to think of divas from before 1990, but not having a great deal of success.

James Lofton and Mark Duper are two who come to mind as possibly having a bit of the diva in them, but they certainly weren’t in TO’s class.

Billy “White Shoes” Johnson had the flashiness, but I don’t recall him having the obnoxious diva personality.

My memory is that when end zone celebrations started in the 1970s, it was the wide receivers who primarily did it: Elmo Wright, Billy White Shoes Johnson. There was a marginal wide receiver named John Holland with Buffalo and Minnesota who before he reached the endzone would turn his head back and extend his arm back holding the ball to taunt the defender chasing him. In contrast people who hated this, would point out how classy a running back like OJ Simpson was in just dropping the ball or giving it to the official “he’s been there before”.

Not sure if it was diva, but Earl Morrall said in his book “In the pocket” that everytime he was quarterbacking the NY Giants, whenever receiver Homer Jones suggested a play in the huddle, it was a long pass for Jones outrunning his defender.

My understanding is that ALL receivers complain that they’re not thrown to enough. It’s a running joke, but completely understandable because the only receivers you want on your team (or in the league) are the ones who think they’re always open because they can always beat the man covering him. If your receiver doesn’t think that, you should cut him with extreme prejudice.

Eh, TO alligator-armed quite a few balls this season, and there were a few that Carson Palmer put up there for him to get and he half-assed it and the passes were picked off or incomplete. Both Chad and TO dropped a lot of passes this year.