Terrell Owens A Bengal! WOOT!

TO has signed a one year, $2 million deal with Cincinnati with another $2 million in incentives.

I have to tell ya fellas, that dormant Bengals pass attack from last season is going to be back in a big way!

So now we’ve got:

Chad Ochocinco
Terrell Owens
Antonio Bryant
Jordan Shipley
Andre Caldwell
Matt Jones
Dezmon Briscoe
Quan Cosby
and a few others that definitely won’t make the team (Jerome Simpson, Maurice Purify, etc)

Jermaine Gresham
Reggie Kelly
Chase Coffman

The Bengals are going to make waves in the playoffs in 2010!

Be afraid, AFC North defenses…be very afraid…

Not bad. That could be interesting.

How long until any one of them backstabs the quarterback?


If Cincy hadn’t signed T.O., his career would be over. Ochocinco has maybe two years left, and maybe not - could be this year. So you’ve got two primadonna WRs who are winding down, and expect all the plays. When are all those other guys going to play?

Aw, now what are all of us Buffalonians going to do without our T.O’s cereal? Tops was selling it for 99 cents a box during the end of the season.

I think interesting is an understatement.

I believe both are at the point in their careers (especially Owens) where they do want to win something. TO didn’t backstab Ryan Fitzpatrick last season, and he’s the reason TO had such pedestrian numbers last year (although he still averaged 15 yards a catch, a stat he’s maintained throughout his entire 14 year career, along with averaging 10 TD’s a year and having NINE 1,000+ receiving yard seasons, the most recent of which was in Dallas in 2008 where he had 69 receptions for 1,069 yds and 10 TD’s…not bad for an old guy) and people keep pointing to last season as the reason why TO is suddenly “washed up”. He isn’t.

Say what you want about the guy…sure, he’s a jerk and all, but his production is incredible and undeniable. He won’t stab Carson Palmer in the back…Carson and the organization won’t let him. Carson has been working out with TO in Cali for awhile now, and has lobbied the front office (along with Chad) to bring him in.

And now they have arguably the best wideout corps in the NFL, barring injury and on paper.

And Frank, our o-coordinator will get these other guys the ball. We have too many options not to spread the ball around. TO is going to have to be happy with winning and suck it up. The Bengals were good enough to win without him…but now they have him, and he’s pretty fucking good. One of the best ever to play, stats wise.

I also disagree that TO’s career would have been over had the Bengals not signed him. He had some interest from a few other teams, but nobody was meeting his asking price (recall he made $6.5 million last season with the terrible Bills) and offered to slash his salary in half to play for the Bengals.

I’m not concerned.

Really? As a Steelers fan, I think you should be. Especially since you are going to be operating from behind the 8-ball without Ben for at least 4 weeks…

The Bengals just really improved their offense in the passing game. They already have a stout run game. Their o-line will improve. Their defense ranked 4th last season even after fading down the stretch due to injury and the offense’s ineptitude on 3rd downs, leaving them on the field for too long.

You’re not worried? OK.

Still trying to wrap my head around people that think TO is such a cancer or washed up that this signing will spell disaster for the Bengals. It ain’t gonna happen.

As another Steelers fan, I’m very happy for you to have him. I give you guys until about October 16 before your receiving corps blows itself sky-high and takes the rest of the offense with them.

I am a Niner fan and I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from T.O.

For Cinci’s sake, I hope he isn’t a cancer on the team. I won’t be convinced until I see him stop acting like a selfish jackass.

Why would it? TO was perfectly behaved last season and he played for the sucky Bills. Chad just might remind TO about the fun in playing football. Five years ago, I would have hated this move. But the Bengals have proven that they can make water into wine and have salmon spawning at Capustrano with the NFL’s offcasts and miscreants. This is no different. The Bengals are not going to be a punchline next season, they are going to contend for the Superbowl.

He was as quiet as a mouse last year as a mercenary WR for the Bills for a cool $6.5 million on a bad team with a crappy QB, which is the only reason he had bad numbers last season, not because he’s washed up…

I don’t see this working.

I can’t imagine, if both T.O. and Chad are healthy, that they won’t be driving Palmer crazy.

However, if they can both put their egos aside, they could be a great receiving duo.

If the Bengals get off to a slow start, the team will spin out of control quickly. Finger-pointing will occur, and T.O. will be at the head of the mouth brigade. Ocho Cinco is a famous mouth, and he’s not a number 2 receiver. T.O. is, IMO, a hall of fame caliber receiver, but outside of Buffalo (where no one covered him in the media after the first 2 games), he’s been a royal pain in the ass.

But I’ll bet the Cowboys wish they could have T.O. over Roy Williams. He’s a great player, if only you could put a piece of duct tape over his mouth.

I wander what how this will affect Ohchocinco’s and Owen’s fantasy value? I don’t think I’d take either of them since I’m not sure there will be enough passes to keep either of them happy. Every game after Nov. 14 is played outside in a cold weather stadium.

As a Bengals fan, I probably wouldn’t have either of them on my starting roster, there’s just going to be too many balls to go around and I think Palmer is going to spread it around bigtime next season.

I see a train wreck coming as the two egos of TO and Ochocinco collide.

I am looking forward to it.

I read that Palmer lobbied for this, so he must realize his career is on the down side. He wants to win now. There are not too many tomorrows for Carson.

That’s desperation, man. Lobbying to get T.O.

He has a history. A consistent history. Anyone excited because he was quiet in Buffalo has to realize that Buffalo isn’t exactly a major media market, they had QB problems all year, and T.O. was a virtual non-factor.

Do I like him as an athlete? You bet. But I don’t think any team can afford to have more than one prima-donna receivers, and the Bengals now have two of the biggest in the league.

If the Bengals don’t make the playoffs, there will be a coaching staff turnover in Cincy. And I think they will struggle to make the playoffs.

I don’t think that will happen. Both of these guys are in the twilight of their NFL careers and I believe will play nice to try to get a ring in 2010 as they are running out of time. Not to mention that they are good friends off the field. Carson Palmer controls what they will want most…the ball.

I don’t think its desperation, its more shoring up an area of need that failed them last season at the end of the year and in their playoff game. He’s only on a one year deal. I also don’t agree that the Bengals will struggle to make the playoffs. In addition to their now vastly improved receiver position group, they are returning a strong running game and the NFL’s 4th ranked defense. They are going to be good barring major injuries.

Meh. They’re still the Bengals.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be great if they did well and I would be behind them but…

…they’re still the Bengals.

There is a part of me that will enjoy watching TO and Chad 85 battle not just for the ball, but for attention. Instead of one person screaming “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!” the Bengals will now have two, both playing the same position. That will be fun to watch for me. Add in head case Antonio Bryant, and you have quite the trio going on in Cincy. I do pity Carson for having to keep them happy.

As far as football is concerned, I think TO is past his prime and won’t be a huge addition to the team, maybe just a slight upgrade from Bryant. I also think the Bengals are making a mistake by not trying harder to develop their young receivers. I actually really like their young WR crew. Simpson sucks, but Caldwell has potential, and I really think Briscoe, Barnes, Shipley, Purify, and Cosby all have the ability to make a difference in the NFL. By bringing in TO, those guys are going to be yet another year away from developing into NFL receivers.

But, hey! It’s good theater.