Bills to release TO

He is a player I love to hate - where do you think he’ll go now?

I read where OchoCincho was lobbying for him to go to the Browns. I already root against them, so nothing would change there.

Would your team take him? Would you want him?

I have no doubt - the Steelers won’t look at him.

Nope. The Cardinals are loaded at WR and don’t even to have to consider him.

It sounds like the Chefs were looking at him, but decided not to make an offer. (This is from FOX sports radio, and one of the guys on there yesterday claims to be a friend of TO’s, and had somewhat of an inside scoop.) Frankly, I think it’d be a good fit. Cassel needs another reliable target to shift the offense towards a 55-60% passing share. And if they’re going to go with Charles as a full time back (or even 75%), it’s going to need to be a pass-first offense.

I hope that Belicheck doesn’t see TO as a reclaimation project, as with Randy Moss. Although it’s hard to deny that Moss worked out. I don’t think TO will want to share the spotlight with Moss and Welker, though, and I doubt the Pats would be willing to pay the kind of salary he’s probably asking for.

I hope he becomes a Bengal, which is where Khadji meant Chad was lobbying for him to go (of course, he’s probably just piling on by calling the Bengals the Browns).

The Bengals and Carson need the WR help, and a one year deal with TO would be just fine with me. Dude’s catches were way down last season but he had Ryan Fitzpatrick as his QB (and a terrible offense in general) in Buffalo, yet still managed 15 yards per catch. Dude can still play.

Yeah, Bengals would probably be the best place for him to go for both him and the team.

As for my team, no, the Giants do not need any receivers.

I don’t see the Packers having any interest. They seem to be pretty well-stocked at WR, and have been drama-queen free for two years now. :slight_smile:

I am shocked, simply shocked, that yet another team thinks they can get by without Terrell Owens.

The Lions could use him.But they are sensitive to players disrupting what they call team unity.

Dear Dan Snyder,

If you even attempt to sign TO, I will shift my allegiance to another team. Plus, I’ll egg your house.

A long suffering Redskins fan

The Dolphins could use a veteran wide reciever(we could use a couple,actually) but I would not want T.O. on my team. He is a huge distraction. I also kind of doubt that Bill Parcells wants to open that particular can of worms anyway.

You’re a Redskins fan and that would be your breaking point with Dan Snyder? Kind of like being served a plate heaped with cow slop at a restaurant and declaring, “If it’s cold, I’m not paying!”

Hell, I am a Rams fan, we have no receivers and I don’t want him.

Please, God, not my team. Please, God, not my team. Please, God, not my team.

…again. No doubt Parcells has less-than-fond memories of having TO forced down his throat by Jerry Jones. I would say it’s a mortal lock that he ain’t going to Miami.

No way are the Pats going to pay what T.O. will demand.

who could have guessed that the Bills and TO wouldn’t be a good match for each other. simply shocking

Bears won’t take him because Lovie says that WR is their deepest position.

Despite that claim, I am quite OK with TO not coming to Chicago.

I don’t think he’s demanding much these days. He’s 37, and it would be a one year deal anyway. Actually the Pats would be great for TO, especially given the uncertainty surrounding Welker’s return from a devastating injury.

If the Pats had Moss, TO and Welker on the field at the same time, they are going to score a lot of points.

:smiley: Thanks for catching that. I had taken an ambien and it makes me think (even) less well.

What he said. For all the faults with the Bears front office, I’m content with them being overly focused on character and keeping the head cases and malcontents out of town.

Can you imagine the whining and finger pointing that would go on when Cutler and T.O. weren’t on the same page?

Some teams that might be interesting fits for him. The Bengals, Titans, Jags, Bucs, Panthers and Seahawks. Of that group I think the Seahawks are probably the best fit all the way around, and I actually think Pete Carroll would handle him as well as any coach could. They’ve got a competent QB who doesn’t have much tread left on the tires and are a city that T.O. would probably like. The Titans probably have the most upside and the best chance to improve with him but I don’t think Vince Young could handle his shit when he overthrows him 3 times a game. The Panthers are another excellent fit with Steve Smith on the other side and a good running game but the uncertainty at QB is a recipe for disaster and essentially a repeat of Buffalo.