Terrell Owens are they really serious about the Hall of Fame?

T.O. in the Hall of Fame? :confused:

This is the guy that has been a major distraction for every team he ever played on. He had a mental melt down /suicide attempt in Dallas. He disrespected his teammates and coaches everywhere he played.

If IIRC didn’t he get cut from all his teams?

Can someone tell me what I’m missing? How could this guy even be considered? Doesn’t the NFL consider him a major embarrassment?

He is #2 in career receiving yards behind only Jerry Rice. He made 6 pro bowls, was a 5 time All Pro, and his career approximate value is top 5 among WR’s. He was very, very good for a long time. His numbers and abilities make him a shoo in for the HoF.

Sure he was an egotistical asswipe who was overly concerned with inflating his importance, but he worked very hard and was a great NFL player. I’d never put him in the HoF of good people, but the NFL Hall of Fame? No question.

Yeah, he is pretty much guaranteed to get in, and he should. He was an extremely good player.

I didn’t realize his stats were so good.

Hurts to see a ass-wipe like TO get in the HoF. He represents everything I detest about today’s NFL. I guess there’s no denying his talent and on field achievements.

Yes, his production on the field.

1078 receptions (6th all-time)
15,934 receiving yards (2nd)
153 receiving touchdowns (3rd)



When he played in Philadelphia (and, I believe, when he played with all of those other teams) he was known as the hardest worker on the practice field and the hardest working player on the playing field. It was his off the field behavior that was a disaster.

It was during one of those off-the-field disasters that I heard one local commentator say “it’s like watching ‘Jerry Maguire’ as directed by Quentin Tarantino”.

If you were going to keep asswipes from making it into pro sports Halls of Fame then there’d be a LOT of players who would NEVER get any consideration. As others have stated, his stats show that he should be in. As to charges that he was a selfish player, there’s this: http://www.csnphilly.com/eagles/didinger-eagles-all-time-toughness-team

There’s a difference between being tough and being selfish. T.O. was tough, he was a hard worker, and he was very talented. But he was also a “me first” prima donna who had no problem blaming everyone around him and being a locker room cancer. His personal life is a wreck, he’s spit on people, and he’s seemingly an all around asswipe. Tough? Yes. Selfish? Yes, too.

It’s kind of sad that a class act like Jerry Rice will be in the same HoF as TO. But the guy did earn his place in the HoF with excellent play on the field. It wouldn’t be right to penalize him for the stupid crap he did off the field.

It’s a valid point that there are a lot of other jerks in the HoF. It’s been quite awhile since athletes were expected to favorably represent their teams and NFL on and off the field.

TO is a weirdo but he was a dedicated, hard-working, and extremely talented player. And unless I’m missing something, his ‘sins’ are pretty minor in the scheme of things.

Romanticizing the past a bit, aren’t you?

Has that ever really been the case? Except in a “hush-hush, let’s keep that out of the papers, shall we” kind of way?

I’m not defending him as a person. I still remember him pulling a Sharpie® pen out on a touchdown catch against Shawn Springs of the Seattle Seahawks and using it to sign the football before he handed it off to someone in the crowd. Hardly the worst offense in the world but not exactly the behavior of a humble person, either. In fact, hasn’t he gone on record as saying that he wished he’d done more to make it easier for people to like him? Regardless, the link was meant to show that he did have a sense of team, most reports to the contrary. But I don’t think I would have ever wanted him on my favorite team!

I hadn’t paid any attention to TO since he screwed up at Dallas. I knew he bounced around from team to team after that. It caught me by surprise to learn his football stats were so good.

Now, I understand his nomination. Congrats to him if he gets into the HoF.

Owens was absolutely dominant for most of his career. Yeah, he had problems off-the-field and clashed with teammates/coaches a lot, but you don’t keep the guy who’s #2 in total reception yards out of the Hall for that. He also has some great moments (the playoff catch from Steve Young against the Packers, or basically single-handledly almost willing the Eagles to a SB win on a broken leg).

Even Rice was no saint. When his “games with at least one reception” streak came to an end when he was on the Raiders, he threw a tantrum (physically kicking things) and demanded (and got) a trade. He also admitted to using stickum recently.

He actually admitted to it a few years ago. Not many paid attention until he jumped on the Ballghazi bandwagon, moaning about how Tom Brady and the Patriots should vacate their AFC title and be banned from the Super Bowl for breaking the rules of football.

So when you saw his nomination you didn’t look up his stats to see why?

Especially amongst wide receivers, not exactly known for being a humble or quiet position.

Do you know how many times he led the league in receptions?


How many times he led the league in receiving yards?


He led the league in receiving touchdowns 3 times, and yards per game once. That’s about it.

He was very, very good, but I’d have a hard time saying he was “dominant” when he never really led the league in those stats.

I’ve never liked Terrell Owens, but I don’t think he’d be a bad selection for the Hall of Fame. At his peak, he was a superb receiver.

I would object to T.O. a lot more if Tim Brown hadn’t just been inducted. Brown was overdue. T.O. can wait his turn, but he has the credentials.