Philadelphia Eagle WR Terrell Owens, this Pit's for you. "Outing" your former QB?

First of all, let me go on record as saying that I’ve never liked Terrell Owens, anyway. I think he’s a loudmouthed jerkoff with decent talent and no use for a brain.

However, T.O., this was low even for you.

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Let the Pitting begin.

T.O., you shit-smear, I’ve never wished death on anyone, but I’m coming awfully close today. I will, however, wish for a career-ending, crippling injury to befall you. You are probably the worst thing to happen to professional football in the last 10 years. There are lots of young players and kids coming up who idolize you for your style of play, and because you act like a fucktard so often, I worry that I’ll have to hear about 20 more T.O.'s retarded shenanigans in a matter of 10 years time.

And to “out” your former quarterback? Have we really gotten to the point in the NFL where calling someone gay is crippling to their reputation? What are we, 12 year-olds?

You worthless sack. There’s a saying that goes, “When you get to the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.”

I’d tell you to learn to play with class, but I’ve a feeling it would go unheeded. Better to wish a cornerback plants you three feet into the turf and knocks some sense into your knuckle-head.


I not only grew up in the same town, went to the same schools, had an uncle who coached on the same team as Jeff, and have met Jeff on several occasions. In all that time, never once have I heard charges such as these. You have to understand that the people who’ve had contact with him that I know span more than probably 10 years of his life.

I don’t particularly care for his personality(and this is before he made the big-time), but I’ve never gotten the impression that he was gay, nor have I ever heard any rumors.


We should bring back 'ol crackhead LT for a single game to Theisman his ass. Then he should sign the bone sticking out with a sharpie.

Um…yeah. The NFL has always been anti-gay. It ain’t pretty, but that’s the way it is. I believe it was one of those Bryant Gumbel programs that discussed homosexuality in pro sports. The concensus is that it is still a career-killing move to either come out or to be outted.

I’m hoping Ray Lewis takes care of it either August 20th or on Halloween. I’ve never actually wished harm on a player before, but as for T.O., I hope somebody breaks his fucking neck and makes him a cripple, and does it in a way that is excrutiatingly painfull.

I’ll be hoping right alongside you.

…and then LT pulls out his cell phone and calls his agent to demand a raise.

Ray Lewis is not a bad option either…maybe he can get his limo pick him up on the 50 yard line right after the play to make it a really memorable night.

As a Forty-Niner fan, I’m very glad TO went to Philly. He’s a cry baby and in definate need of an edit button.

A couple of years ago a friend and I caught TO’s basketball debut when he played for my hometown Adirondack Wildcats. My friend said after the game, “Let’s go get his autograph”, my response, “For what?, it’s not like he’s Jerry Rice or anything.” He sucked by the way.

My thinking was he meant that Garcia is straight. The “look like a rat, smells like a rat” comment should’ve been the duck saying, but my interpretation of his meaning was if Garcia had girlfriends in the past and currently has one now, he’s straight. Looks like he’s straight, acts lke he’s straight, must be straight, kind of thing. More like he was mocking the reporter for asking such a dumb question.

Actually, knowing the kind of relationship that TO and Jeff had(our local news is big on the Niners during the season), he meant that he was queer. There was endless bitching from TO Re: his QB for the last 2 years or so. Also, knowing what kind of a dick TO can be, that makes it even more affirmative to me that he was taking a backhanded swipe at Garcia.


Lavar Arrington has at least two shots at him this year. He took out Aikman, and I would love to see him take out T.O. too.

Owens is a shitbag who overvalues his own talent. He acts like he was the one winning all the games in San Fran, but a receiver is no good unless he has a good QB throwing him the ball.

I say he mails a check for 50% of his Philly signing bonus to Garcia with a handwritten apology.

Actually, IMO, whether or not Garcia is gay should be completely beside the point for the purpose of this discussion.

If he is gay and he doesn’t want the media or the general public to know, that’s his business. If he’s straight and doesn’t care who knows it, that’s his business too. It’s completely irrelevant to his ability to play football.

Owens’ gratuitous comments just demonstrate what a fucking moron he is.

I agree 100%. I’m just illustrating from my perspective that I see no reason for the gratuitous charges levied against him by bigmouth.


Yeah, except I think the way the world’s changing is about to catch up with them in a big way.

Most teens and twentysomethings - a prized market for NFL advertisers - don’t give a flip whether you’re straight, gay, bi, or can’t make up your mind. If an NFL player comes out, or is outed, and the NFL or the players treat him like the plague, they’ll catch a lot of heat - not from old farts like me, but from their most valued demographic.

Coming out may have ended Dave Kopay’s NFL career, but that was thirty years ago. I suspect we’ll find out before the decade’s out that the times have changed.

If your Skins and Ravens can’t do it, we’ll try to take care of it in Detroit.

Hopefully, he’ll try to run an end-around, and Shaun Rogers can crush him like an ant.

I’ll settle for Dre Bly making him his bitch for the day, though.

“I’d follow the crowd. I wouldn’t be one to pick a fight, but when someone else did something, I’d be right there in the mob. However, I wouldn’t want to lynch a guy if he’s making me look good on the field; I’d wait until one of us left the team to do that.”

When he threw his snitfit and got out of his trade to the Ravens, I immediately began looking forward to the Eagles/Ravens game this year. Not out of any particular desire to see Ray Lewis lay him out on a crossing route – that’ll just be icing on the gravy – but … oh, why bother, that is the reason.

I’m just glad I don’t have him in a fantasy league this year and won’t have mixed feelings about any strong performances.

As much as I want to see the Eagles do well this year, I still hope that Owens will be injured and out for the season during the first game of preseason. There are a lot of other receivers that are just as good or better than Owens and without the attitude.

As the boards Number 1 Niners fan, I had heard the rumors before, but like some others have said, that his own business. Owens is a shitstain.

Kopay was already retired from playing when he came out publicly, although in his autobiography he states that his sexuality was an open secret in the NFL throughout most of his career. You’re right, though, that he did attribute his not getting a coaching job. No “big league” team athlete to date has come out while still active as a player. It’s a vicious circle. No one wants to be first.

Please add “to the league’s discomfort with his sexuality” to the end of that sentence.