Is the GTA-SA "Hot Coffee" PC mod pr0nographic?

I just saw this on google news, and I’m curious if there are any teemings who happened to have played the particlar Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas mod in question, and if you consider it pr0n?

I’ve seen the video one of those places made. For some reason the guy stays fulling clothed and the girl’s naked. They perform their various sex acts. It’s about as detailed as a skin could be.

It was as much of a porn as would be some Shannon Tweed movie on late at night.

You see blurry textures of boobs and bums, and that’s it. I wouldn’t want a kid to see it, but then again I wouldn’t want a kid to play GTA full stop.

Reminds me of a Lenny Bruce routine where he takes his (mythical) kid to the wrong movie…(heavily paraphrasing)…

“Here, kid, we’re gonna see some real knockemup, hard-core, rough & tumble action! Blood & guts, shootemup, sockemhard, some real exciting stuff!..Oh, no, we must be in the wrong movie…this isn’t violent action, it’s love-making! This isn’t violence, and it’s not suitable for a kid! Wait…maybe he’s gonna smother her with the pillow…watch this, kid, you’ll see some good stuff…shit, he’s putting the pillow under her ass, don’t watch this, he’s making her scream but not killing her…what a shame, sorry I brought you into this movie, kid…”