Is the Israeli military starting to turn on Sharon?

Washington Post

There is more in the article which suggests a growing disillusionment in the ranks of the Israeli military about the repressive policies of the Sharon regime. Is Sharon losing the support of the military? What does it mean for his political future if he does?

Could these kinds of sentiments being expressed within the Israeli military indicate an imminent change of heart in how Israel has historically dealt with Palestinians?

Basically, what does this apparent rift between Sharon and the miltary really mean and how will it affect future Israeli/Palestinaian relations?

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The post of London Calling on that topic alsready explained that this is not a new development.

What isn’t said is that many citizens of Israel think the the same; and that is also not something new.
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I’m surprised no one has made a thread about the Israeli Pilots who refused to go on bombing missions last month:

I hope it leads to some kind of end to the constant killing. Sharon needs to back off and try to deal with whatever moderates are left. I think the latest point has been made.

Prediction: boom(s) [reset] more boom(s)

There are plenty more pilots who will follow orders, I’d guess. I did mention that about a week ago in another thread. As much as bombing creates terrorism, terrorism creates people willing to drop bombs.

One last point: isn’t it obvious that the presence of Israeli dissenters should mean that you support the State of Israel as a fully functioning member state in the world community of developed democratic nations and quit pretending like Palestinians can criticize their leadership?

IMO, of course.

Strange how one set of facts can lead some political true believers to spin things the exact wrong direction.

Anyone who can be victimized by Israeli leadership has the right to criticize it, imo.

Also, criticizing Sharon’s policies is a long way away from asserting that Israel has no right to exist a state.
Or am I being whooshed?