Is the Lebanese government serious?

They released a statement today saying they have nothing to do with the Hezbollah shelling and that Israel should cease fire.


If a “group” on the US-Mexican border (on the US side) started grabbing Mexican soldiers and firing missiles into Mexico then -

if the “group” had nothing to do with the US government then the US military would go in and liquidate said “independent” group, wanting to stay in good graces with Mexico.

if the group was involved with the US government then US military would sit on its hands, while Mexico defended itself.

So, Lebanese government, which case is it with you?

I don’t see the Lebanese military doing any vermin patrol.

I’d have more respect for you and your country if you kept your mouth shut.

No, they would not. The U.S. Military is generally not allowed to participate in domestic law enforcement. FBI/ATF, maybe. Texas Rangers, possibly. But not U.S. Military.

I recalling hearing an NPR report on yet another Italian parliamentary crisis. A British commentator was asked, “Is the parliamentary situation serious?” He replied, “Yes, it is serious, but it is not very important.”

That’s the Lebanese government.

The difference is that the U.S. government can actually control events within its borders. So can the Mexican government, nowadays, but in 1916 Pancho Villa conducted a raid into the U.S., and the government (which had its own very good reasons to want him dead) was powerless to stop it. So General Pershing led an (ultimately unsuccessful) expedition into Mexico, to get Villa.

Even under the circumstances, of course, he had no business doing that without the Mexican government’s express permission, but there you are.

Quite possibly. It’s not like the place is uber stable. Was Israel itself responsible for multitudes of crimes committed against Palestinians by Jewish settlers?

The Palestinians would say so, I’m sure, but you have to make allowances for them.

How would you distinguish the circumstances of calling a given action a police action from calling it a military operation within the US? I would think that an action to take down a force capable of launching missiles at Mexico from within the US would fully fall within the purview of a military operation. It’s far, far from the enforcement of laws to my mind.

**Punoqllads ** see the cite previously provided for limitations on the Posse Comitatas Act.

I read it. The text of the Act says:

“Execute the laws.” Is it “executing the law” to remove a military force from within the borders of the US?

No, it is not. Posse Comitatas would not apply to responding to a military attack, it doesn’t matter if it’s within the borders of the U.S. or not.

The Lebanese Army is pretty weak. I’ve heard some analysts state that in a straight-up fight, Hezbollah could very well take them, or at least hurt them very, very badly.

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Also, the current Lebanese government is made up of an alliance of Christians and Muslims, the majority of whom are Christians. The Defense Minister is Greek Orthodox.

The real issue is not whether the Lebanese government is serious–it is whether the government is powerless.

The lebanese government (and its army) is so weak that it can’t even surrender.

The Lebanese army is weak? I think not. After all, it has not failed at a single one of its attempts to disarm Hizballah. An army that fails at nothing cannot be weak, can it?

Yes, yes it can. If it knows it will fail, then why should it even try? Not trying is a sign on weakness in my book.

Lebanon’s in a pickle. It has neither the political stability nor the military might to do what Israel demands. Yet Israel is right to demand that Hezbollah stop its attacks, and the Lebanese army needs to gain a monopoly on force within the country sooner or later.

Lebanon can’t just wash theri hands of the matter without even trying, not when the Lebanese army outnumbers Hizballah 10 to 1. At least let us hear some indication that they want to disarm Hizballah - they haven’t even said that.

If they don’t think they can do something, they can ask for help. They’d have nations lining up to give a hand.

Which nations?

Well, Israel is doing a mighty fine job of killing Lebanese citizens (and others) at a very fast clip…surely some of those (2-3%?) are members of Hezbollah?

Give them a couple of months and at present rate there might not be a country by the name of Lebanon, never mind Hezbollah.

Sort of a mini Final Solution if you will.

The U.S. France (Lebanon’s colonial patron). Saudi Arabia. Egypt. Israel, if they want us - hell, if use them to hunt down Hizballah, we’ll give them all the weapons they need. Basically, every nation in the world other than Iran or Syria.

Your math skills are… different from the norm?

Nice Godwinization, BTW.

Are you very sure of that?