Is the Rocky statue in Creed the only example of a "real pretend" statue in film?

Watching Creed (it’s on Amazon Prime) there is a scene where the (fictional) Adonis Creed visits the (real) statue of (fictional) Rocky Balboa (who is of course real in the film’s universe). The statue is real (it’s outside the Philadelphia museum of art) but it’s of a fictional character.

Any other examples of this in film? The fictional character depicted IRL has to be from another film, so even if you think they qualify as fictional a statue of Jesus or Buddha in a film doesn’t count (unless it’s a statue of Jim Caviezel as Jesus, in a film where that is just a normal statue of Jesus, I guess!?)

I found some statues of fictional movie characters. But I don’t know if any of them have appeared in a movie.

Darth Vader


Maria (Metropolis)

Napoleon Dynamite


Sean Thornton and Mary Kate Danaher (The Quiet Man)


Does the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park count? Placed in 1959 it has been seen in several movies.

Inspired by the books of course, but had already had several or many movie versions by 1959.

Not a statue, but in Rocky III there’s a Rocky pinball machine (which is a real pinball machine featuring a fictional character in real life, but which features a character that is real in the film’s universe).

It looks like the machine they featured in the movie was just a mockup, though.

There’s the statue of Zephram Cochram in Star Trek First Contact and of course multiple statues in
the Lord of the Rings films.

And a statue came to life in Jason and the Argonauts!

From the TV show (not a movie) “Happy Days,” there’s the Bronze Fonz, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Peter Pan statue in London’s Kensington Gardens was shown onscreen in Hook.


The Ralph Kramden statue outside New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal was briefly seen in World Trade Center.

While the OP’s question is strictly speaking factual, I think it admits for a lot of discussion beyond that strict factual question, and since it’s about art (on multiple levels), I think it’ll be a better fir for Cafe Society.


The Rocky statue started out as a “pretend pretend” statue, aka a prop. It was cast for a scene in Rocky III, then after filming was moved outside the Spectrum (the hockey/basketball arena at the time). It was moved back to the Art Museum for Rocky V, then back to the Spectrum, then finally back to the Art Museum in 2006. So it’s really just a prop that’s been re-used multiple times.

Is there a Mickey Mouse cartoon where he visits Disneyland and sees a statue of Mickey Mouse?