Is the Straight Dope getting stale?

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like all of the really interesting questions were asked a long time ago. I mean, Cecil has been reduced to speculating on what position dinosaurs had sex in, and half of the posts in General Questions are “What song/book is this line from?” (No offense intended to anyone who’s posted such a question; I did it myself a while ago.) And as I found out recently, it’s impossible to post a question about a controversial topic without it being inundated by hypersensitive pissants who never seem to contribute anything constructive to this board, just flames. Is anyone but me starting to think that the Straight Dope has gone stale?

Years ago Cecil answered questions about trees that smelled like semen, putting the letter m on M&M’s, and labels on brown paper bags, all topics that are likely to be viewed as boring or stale based on who reads them.

Maybe the board and the whole Straight Dope thing is getting stale to you, but I would doubt it is a widely held belief. heck, every message board will run it’s course with a person, it just depends on how long it continues to float your boat.

As for me, I figure I have a few thousand posts left in me.

Only for people with room temperature IQ’s.

Yeah, it’s waxed and waned over the years and is in the middle of a stale patch. I’m optimistic that it’ll liven up.

Fact is, most of the Under-your-nose everyday mysteries (what that fluid in the drinky bird toys is, why wintergreen Lifesavers spark when chewed, equinox egg spinning, etc.) have already been answered. If not by SD, then by Snopes.

I think that when you put posts in the appropriate forum, you get the right kind of response, versus the spanking you just opened yourself up to :smiley:

Hint taken, I’ll start posting more just to pick things up.



As for someone who just registered and has been reading SDMB for awhile, there’s not way that it’s stale. To me in is entirely new, and I’m in love with it.

Anyway, don’t these things work in a cyclical fashion? (I got a question: is cyclical really a word? No never mind, I don’t want to know).

Would that be room temp IQs in Farenheit or Celcius (it makes a difference). I’m going to assume you’re leaving out Kelvins as that would be contrary to the point. Oh my…

I get a lot of enjoyment out of the board. And I don’t think the supply of interesting questions can ever be exhausted. But parts can indeed get repetitive – going into Great Debates and watching the creationists duke it out with the evolutionists is like watching Sisyphus roll that damn rock up the hill again.

I guess this was my point. All of the semi-normal questions have been answered by Cecil, Snopes, or David Feldman (remember his Imponderables books?) I hope it’ll pick up, but you can see this same thing on Snopes, too. Note that I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy the Straight Dope anymore, just that I think it’s in a slump.

Mentioning Snopes brings up another personal observation: Snopes has definitely become jaded over the years. Read their early articles and compare them to the more recent ones. These days they’re very dismissive, and have declared several UL’s “false” when the evidence clearly says “unknown” or even “partially true”. They also tend to put too much faith in psychoanalysis-type stuff (ie, “What person would want to do this?”). I have no problem with using that kind of thing as supporting evidence, but they’ve begun to give too much weight to it, IMO. I still sheck Snopes from time to time, but I don’t enjoy it as much as Cecil.

Snooooopy: Your comment about Great Debates is dead-on. I avoid that forum like it’s caught the ebola virus.

Oh, maybe Cecil went on vacation? So they brought up this stuff until he comes back?

I’m moving this to IMHO, our freshest forum.

My standard answer to a question like that:

If you think it’s getting stale, STOP READING IT!

With over 1000 posts, you’ve seen it all…so your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fight ignorance. Focus on the newbies. Overall, I think flaming is frowned upon here (which is why it is restricted to the Pit) so ignore the occasional annoying post. As an intelligent SDMB veteran, you should be able to think of some non-stale topics to discuss. Or, perhaps you just need a SDMB vacation for a few weeks. C’mon admit it, you’d miss it here! :slight_smile:

Maybe the questions are getting stale?
Why don’t y’all come up with some intelligent and interesting questions for Uncle Cece that haven’t been answered yet, and give him something to work with?

I told Unca Cec to wrap the Straight Dope in Saran before refrigerating.

I don’t post all that much to the SDMB, but I read it all the time. I took this past summer off though, and since I’ve been back, it seems much more “fresh”. Maybe you should just take a hiatus because as they say, “Absence make the heart grow fonder.”