Is the US responsible in any way for the genocide in Darfur?

I met this Syrian guy yesterday, and he told me he didn’t like the US or George Bush because they caused they fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan. I’m not above blaming George Bush for this summer’s heat, that time I fell and bruised my tailbone, or today’s power outage RIGHT when I was opening my email, but AFAIK, he is not behind the genocide in Darfur.

Unless this is one of those cases where the US supported a nasty regime which, shockingly, proceeded to go out and do nasty things?

Right now I’m thinking that the Syrian dude has fallen for some propaganda. Am I wrong?

Bush did recently support the Ethiopians when Sudanese Islamists invaded that country last year. With the help of US intelligence and military aid the Ethiopians roundly kicked their asses.

But as for the fighting within Sudan itself? I’m no expert on the matter but I don’t know of any overt policy that can plausibly be blamed for the genocide.

It’s too early in the morning. The recent Ethiopian conflict was with Somalian Islamists, not Sudanese.

(Warning! Personal Anecdote! Appeal to Authority!)

When a Sudanese gentleman came to our school to talk about the crisis in Darfur, he suggested that the US’s quiet push for action by other countries is the exact right thing to do. As I recall, he basically said that years of drought caused two ethnic groups to need access to the same (riverside) land at the same time, so they started killing each other over it.

Other personal anecdote: I have observed a tendency among young adults (that being my only sample range) from a certain part of the world to avoid discussing their own, self-induced problems by blaming them on the United States, usually through some series of bizarre accusations that amount to “Americans/Westerners are psychopathic serial killers.”

Well, this guy does not fit this description at all.