Is the water at disney water parks heated?

So the Olympics has reminded me that I haven’t been on a challenging body slide lately, because most of the ones with curves use pads nowadays. But upon a search it appears that Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon has some that do not use pads. But obviously if I were to go there in the next couple weeks it might be too cold.

But if I go there late next month it might be warm enough but too crowded.

But I’d risk it if the water were heated and there weren’t any crowds.

As it turns out, I was at Typhoon Lagoon this past Saturday! :slight_smile:

It was wonderful. The water is heated, and the park was almost empty. We went on every single slide multiple times with no lines. The wave pool was fantastic, too. I was actually able to body surf without worrying about getting slammed into other people.

Typhoon Lagoon has several slides that don’t use pads, and they are a lot of fun. Overall, the slides at Blizzard Beach are better, IMHO, but BB is currently shut down for refurbishment.

The weather was perfect, too. After starting off our vacation with mid-day temperatures in the 50s, it warmed up to the mid 70s the day that we went to TL.

Big difference from last August!

P.S. Actually, all of the pools at Disney are heated. At the beginning of our vacation, the morning low temps were in the 30s. However, my son and I still went swimming at the pool at the Polynesian. We were the only ones in the pool. The water was just fine, but getting out was painful. :smiley:

I’ve always wanted to go in a hot tub outside because whenever it’s cold out I crave being in hot water. But getting out sounds like it wouldn’t be so much fun…

Out in the snow is the only way to hot tub. Getting out is bracing, but it’s all part of the fun.

I recall being in DW over the MLK holiday. You can tell who’s from the southern USA - thick coats in 50F weather, and who’s from Canada - shorts and t-shirts in 50F weather.

Typhoon lagoon was so nice and warm when immersed, it was a matter of running up to your towel when you got out of the wave pool. Hey, if you want people in your pools when it gets below 65F, you heat them.

Thanks everyone, I think I might go to check it out tomorrow if it’s supposed to get above 50. I won’t be as fast because I’ll probably have to wear a shirt and they stick worse than skin—come to think of it maybe i’ll break out my bicycling shirt, I think that is relatively slick :slight_smile:

Agreed. There’s something altogether peaceful about sitting in a warm hot tub while snowflakes are falling on your head.

After the little kids get in the water, there are warm places, yes.


You went to a water park when it was in the 70s??? :eek: Are you mad? Or a polar bear?

I suspect that they are from the UK where the mid 70f’s is in fact considered hot.

There’s something altogether fun about climbing out of the hot tub and making snow angels in your bathing suit. Even more fun than that are the looks you will get from skiiers-by.

According to his location he is from Connecticut, which is much colder than the UK in winter. The British are far too stupid to go to Disney World in February; they go in July/August when the weather is miserable.

Speaking as one who lives in the Midwest, when it’s 10 degrees back home, a 70-degree day feels downright hot: perfect for a water park!!!

The morning we left for Disney I had to clear a foot of snow off of our driveway to get the car out. When we got back there was another foot to clear before I could get the car up the driveway.

Mid-70s for a water park was just fine. :slight_smile:

Oh, did you miss the part where we went swimming when it was in the 30s when we first got there? (But only for about 10 minutes). We were really determined to try out the pool at the Polynesian Resort.

I must be thoroughly acclimated to the weather here in New England, which is interesting as I’m originally from Texas.