Is the World Series on Live Television in the Netherlands?

I need a little help from Netherlands/European Dopers or anyone who knows the answer.

I will be in Europe, most likely Holland, but possibly France or Germany during the World Series this year. Being a fan of both the Cubs and the Red Sox I would really love to watch this year’s Series.

Can anybody tell if the games are broadcast live (or even delayed) in the Netherlands? If so, what channel are they on?

If not on free TV, are they available on pay TV (like Canal+, perhaps)? And if so, can I watch them as Pay-Per-View rather than buying a subscription?

Thank you for the help.

Hello again-- I’m not usually the bumping type but I thought I might bump this since it’s morning now in Europe. I’ve looked into this online and found no answers. Not on and not on Dutch television schedule webpages.

Please help if you can.

I can’t answer your question directly, but cable/satellite network NASN is showing the World Series (delayed by a few hours), and Britain’s Channel 5 is showing it live. I believe cable is very widespread in the Netherlands, so there is a chance you’ll be able to get one of those channels.

I hear ya… as a Cubs fan with an overdue pregnant wife (looks like this weekend!), I’m thinking, if she goes into labor tonight after game 4, perhaps it’ll all happen before game 5 starts!:smiley:

I’d suggest e-mailing Coldfire with your question.