is there 3rd party tech to make customer service phone support less annoying for me?

suppose there is a big potential customer base of people who are pissed off by dealing with customer service support that appears to be designed by Dogbert in his particularly misanthropic days. E.g. voice recognition doesn’t recognize squat (and there is no digit option), offshore reps barely speak English, music is too loud, menu options are confusing and you cannot go back, wait times go up to 10 minutes and life generally sucks. Well, maybe it’s not all that bad all the time, but I guess that would make for a nice infomercial…

Anyway, so we cannot make the companies do a better job because being a dick is their legal right. Can we instead build some extra tech that would serve to counter some of these problems and let people use it for a fee?

E.g. a company could create a database of phone numbers its users care about, map out and publish as text the full menu structure and make standard voice recordings that have high likelihood of being recognized. Further, they could pipe my call through their server so that they would initiate the call and automagically handle the endless waiting, only to call me back with rerouted call when the customer service rep is reached (or maybe invite me to conference call? not sure). And maybe it could even hire “Hindi English interpreters” that could speak on my behalf in whatever accent people understand over there while I text chat with them (think of the possibilities - the chat logs could be published together with Dogbert’s (the VP of customer service) home address to encourage people to send rotten eggs to him).

Ok, so are similar services already on the market? Or is this just an unfilled niche waiting for implementation?

And how much will you pay to use my service? Better be more than $10 a time, or I can’t afford the overhead of doing all the setup for each tech support line you might call.