Is there a bathroom soap scum remover I can use on marble?

Every bathroom soap scum remover I’ve ever seen – including this fantastic industrial red liquid I once got at Home Depot – cautions against using it on natural marble. I suspect that’s because these removers are acid-based.

Here are my Q’s:

  1. Are these warnings being alarmist? I’ve cautiously tried the removers once or twice on my marble tiles (followed by lots of rinse water) and there apprears to be no ill effects – certainly they do not foam up like they’re made of Alka Seltzer or something; then again, maybe minute, additive erosion is taking place that I can’t see – like acid rain on statues.

  2. If the warnings are genuine, what CAN I use to easily and safely remove that hazy layer of waxy soap scum on my shower tiles?

I use Mean Green. I would marry the man who invented the stuff. Don’t know if it’s safe for marble but it is certainly not as strong as the majority of marketed soap scum removers and works just as well. I spray it on leave it about 2 or 3 minutes then use a flat plastic kitchen scrubby to get the stubborn stuff. I’ll check the bottle and see if it mentions marble.


Vinegar is great on soap scum. I don’t think
it would hurt marble.

vinegar? Seems it might etch it.

visit a hardware store, talk to the clerk, ask for a marble cleaner. I bet something like Simple Green would do it.

Talk to a “semi-expert” at Home Depot or a true expert on marble. Let the expert know whether you want to clean the grout as well - might as well but it does mean extra work. Mention if you have specific stains to deal like mildew. Do you know whether the tile has been sealed?

I use an amonia solution on my ceramic tile floors to make sure that I have the right proportions; I don’t use Windex because it has the blue dye in it. I put on a semi sealer made for ceramic tile once to bring back the shine. I try to damp mop twice a week.

Now the bad news: you need to clean your marble faithfully in order to maintain its beauty.

I’ve heard that using car wax on marble —or cermaic tiles— after you get them de-scummed will go a long, long way to preclude scum build up. Has anyone tried or heard of this?

Well, it’s not much of a first post but, hey, it’s informative!
Go to your local stone supplier/floor retailer and get som “Star Clean” or whatever the local guys have bottled and called it. It works well and doesn’t hurt your oh so expensive (yet fragile) marble surfaces.

As an aside, if you’re looking to do a stone tile floor or wall application, check out some of the new porcelain tiles. They are amazingly realistic and worry free.
Cheers, Mike

I was told to use high quality auto wax on my faux-marble but really fiberglass tub for long term protection. Don’t know about marble tiles