I used Scotch-Brite on marble. Help me.

So I was merely cleaning my bathroom sink with a new Scotch-Brite pad that I figured would get all of the waterspots and dried toothpaste, etc. up once and for all.

It did that, as well as remove fine portions of the finish on one spot where I started. Thankfully I didnt do the whole sink. It’s a patch of hairline scratches that appares from a distance as a dull spot.

Is there a way to reverse this damage I caused?

Hm, dremel tool and graduated grit of polishing rouge springs to mind…Check out one of the do it yourself type websites.

www . marblelife . com sells a number of care products, but they also have a how to care for your counter section …

I wouldn’t use any power tools. Go to an automotive supply place and get some FINE liquid polish. It comes in different grits and you want the least gritty. I like Meguirs Mirror Glaze. They have one called “Show car glaze #7” and that’s what I’d start with. If it’s too fine and not doing the job try a grittier #2 or 3. Using a clean moistened cloth polish the scratches using a circular motion. Allow to dry and buff with a clean dry cloth. It may take several sessions . I use the #7 on expensive guitar finishes so don’t worry about damaging the marble further. You may end up with a spot that looks better than the rest and end up doing the whole thing.

Good luck!

It’s probably not actual marble, anyway. Maybe “cultured marble”.
FWIW, marble is actually very soft and a kind of silly stone to use in a lot of places that it’s used. Especially as most people have neither the time, money, knowledge nor inclination to take care of the stuff.

I’ll have to get some of that polish, then. I’d have no problem doing the whole sink.


LOL, good point, I am a machinist by training and tend to opt for tooluse=)

and fwiw, that liquid polish is ‘rouge’ just in liquid form instead of powder or paste=)