Is there a browser that looks good for S video out on a computer?

We have managed to hook up 2 of our PCs to computers

1 uses a Voodoo 3 card

1 uses a TNT 2 Ultra

We don’t want to use explorer, because changing all of the settings are a big pain to make it look good on the TV resolution. Here is my question…
Are there any browsers designed specificly to browse the internet on a TV for Windows? Something that has nice big fonts, clear design, etc…


Do you really want the viewers focusing on the little print in the menus, rather than the content on the web pages?

Two suggestions:

  1. Try HotJava from Sun, their browser has a simplified interface. You can get it at:

  1. Just increase the font size and all the text (but not the pictures) will be enlarged.


Thanks for the tips, but I am sort of looking for a browser specificly designed to use on a TV, something like WEB TV that has dark backgrounds, large text, etc… We don’t want to be switching text and menu sizes everytime it is used.

Maybe this does not exist? Last night I did some experiments writing a custom browser, I just need to figure out how to make it go into full screen mode at a pre-set resolution such as 640480 or 800600.

We have tried all sorts of settings under windows, but they all look like crap. I want to have something that was pre-planned for this purpose. Maybe I have to make it myself…seems like a lot of work though.


I’ve plugged this browser before, but I’ll plug it again.

Try Opera 5 from OperaSoftware. ( )

It has a zoom feature that allows the web page to be viewed up to 1000% (Yes, One thousand percent) it’s original size, and you can set it as the default size for the browser. Plus you can view pages full screen without any menu bars.

IIRC its only about 2 MB or so (if you don’t download the Java Runtime environment with it).

Truely an awesome program.

You know bladeohlsson you didn’t say what version of windows but just as well, most of them come with handicap access features like screen magnification, which you can turn on, right?

try & click on BROWSERS youll find tons.