I got a bigger monitor, and now Straight Dope print is too small.

I went to a 1600 x 1200 format screen.
Some sites, like Yahoo will get bigger type when I change the browser’s font size.
This site now has tiny type. Is there a way around this?

Look in the “View” menu of your browser for a “Text size” type of option (“Small”, “Medium”, “Large”, etc.) and try some of the bigger text settings. That might help.

Uh…I just said I already tried that ["…when I change the browser’s font size."]

You might as well close this. When I didn’t get an answer after a couple hours I tried GQ and got an answer right away. Not instant gratification, but close enough for web life.

Go to the Tools Menu and go to the Internet Options Menu. Click open the Accessibility Button and check Ignore Font sizes specified for web pages. :eek:

Can’t you just hold Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel down?

ouryL Thanks. That works for me as well as ctrl-+. (I don’t have a wheel mouse. I didn’t know they still made them.)

ouryL. Thanks from me, too. I’ve been surfing the web well over a year with a big screen monitor and didn’t know about this trick. Whoo-woo. Now I can comfortably read from across the room! Hell, my spelling might drastically improve, now.

Yes, I hate to admit it, as I get older, things keep shrinking(alas that too!).

Just FYI, big monitor != high resolution. My mother has one of the biggest monitors available, set at a low resolution because her sight isn’t that great; my laptop, on the other hand, has a small-ish screen but only displays properly at 1600x1200. :slight_smile: