How do you change font sizes when you get a larger monitor?

I got a bigger monitor, and went to a 1600 x 1200 format screen.
Some sites, like Yahoo will get bigger type when I change the browser’s font size.
This site now has tiny type. Is there a way around this?
(Ive been through all the Font size items on Control Panel/Display settings/Appearance/Advanced)

Also, the task icons on the “Quick launch” area got very tiny.

Since you didn’t specify what operating system and what browser software you’re using, I’ll just assume you’re using what I"m using: Shiira, under MacOS X :slight_smile:

You use the keystroke Command-Plus (Cmd-+)

Oh, and on the offchance that you’re not using what I"m using, well, it differs from browser to browser and to an extent from OS to OS, so you’ll get more meaningful answers if you provide this information.

In both Internet Explorer and Firefox you can change text size by holding down Ctrl and then moving the mouse wheel up and down, or going to View (in the Menu Bar) and picking Text Size.

In Internet Explorer you will first need to go to Tools (in the Menu Bar)->Internet Options->“General” tab->Accessibility->Check “Ignore font sizes specified on web pages”. Then you can adjust the font size.

Having just answered this question in ATMB, I should warn you that it is generally frowned upon to post the same question in multiple forums (fora?).

Well, nobody answered me there (except your non-answer) so I tried here and got a good answer.

Saranga - You, like Shoeless, didn’t read far enough, I guess- I said I already tried the browser View font settings. Perhaps you were answering from the title, rather than the whole OP? Regardless, I got the answer.

AHunter3 - Thanks! I never knew ctrl-+ existed. That did the trick (and no, I don’t have those things you mentioned. Never heard of them.)

Now I still have the problem with the tiny icons on the “Quick launch” area.

There must be some way out of this.( I thought I was the last person in the world to get a big monitor.)

Umm… Shoeless already mentioned that posting the same question in multiple forums is frowned upon. So is disparaging those who are trying to help you. Members here do searches for information, rather than post the same question multiple times, and since you never provided any information as to what browser and operating system you use, we have to provide general answers.

For larger quick launch icons:
Right-click an empty area on the taskbar and make sure the “Lock the Taskbar” option is unchecked. Now, right-click exactly on the Quick Launch drag handle and select the View menu. You can choose between the two options namely Large Icons and Small Icons.

This works on Windows 2000 and XP. If you have another operating system then tell us which one.

Unlike your claim of a “couple hours” in the other thread, you only waited 25 minutes to repost here. Especially on weekends, things can take a bit longer than that, and you might consider a bit of patience next time.

Sorry if I complained about people who answer from the title and don’t bother to read the OP, but it does seem to be a common failing. If that wasn’t how you came up with your answer then I guess you just missed what I was saying. And sorry I didn’t mention what OS I had. I assumed it had something to do with the monitor, and would be OS in dependent.
At any rate, your suggestion doesn’t work for Windows XP, current “service pack” and current IE current “service pack”. That option only changes the icon size on the Start bar, not the task bar and launch pad.

You caught me. I’m so ashamed. Turns out I only waited 25 minutes. It looked like a couple hours when I went to check because when I popped up both pages they had time stamps a couple hours apart. I realize now that was because in one case I hadn’t logged in yet and the time stamp was in Chicago time. But at any rate I wasn’t trying to double post, I just realized I had posted in the wrong forum, that it wasn’t a problem with the Straight Dope code, but was appearing on other web pages as well. So I asked on the correct forum and asked that one to be closed. I believe that is the correct procedure. And if not, it’s no big deal. My free posting ends in a few days, and with the ratio of nasty posts to helpful ones I hardly think I’ll be paying for more. You don’t realize how nasty this board is compared to other help sites, because you’ve been here so long, but believe me it is not a fun place to ask simple questions. “Post a simple question, expect the third degree” appears to be your motto.