Is there a canned oyster shortage?

My favorite snack of an evening is to chop up some veggies, mix in a little soy sauce, and top it off with some canned oysters. (Yes, I know, I’m a fucking weirdo. I wish people would quit telling me this. :slight_smile: )

Anyhoo, for about the past 3 months, they are gone from store shelves. The slot is there for them with the price tag, but it’s empty. Wal-Mart, Target, Krogers, Foodland, Food Lion, etc. It doesn’t matter. Empty spot where the canned oysters go. I can get smoked oysters, but those are poor substitutes.

Where are my canned oysters?

Just a guess, but possibly it is a seasonal issue.

ps- that is a weird dish :eek:

Given that a lot of canned oysters come from China, I’d be wary of pollution issues. Chinese origin seafood has been suspected of contaminated (heavy metals, bacteria) for some time.

Apparently there have been some canned oyster recalls due to an FDA ban on Korean shellfish.

Chicken of the Sea Recalls Korean Oysters

Crown Prince Oysters Recalled

Collecting unemployment?


It looks like this is my answer. Thanks.