Is there a DVD shortage I should know about?

I got a $20 Best Buy gift card for Christmas.

I decided, as I didn’t have it yet, that I would go pick up “Clerks II” on DVD to complete my View Askewniverse set.

So I pop down to BB on Saturday, thinking that at worst, I might have to brave the Blue Shirt Mafia for a few minutes. Oddly, however, there were ZERO copies of the DVD. They didn’t have the regular edition or the Best Buy gift set with commemorative Mooby’s visor.

Fine, I thought, it’s not a weird thing. So I go back yesterday. Still nothing. I needed to go to Meijer and the Evil Empire anyway, so I swung by Meijer first: nothing. Then on to Satan-Mart: low prices, but no DVDs.

Tonight, I went back to Best Buy after work, figuring that with Tuesday being new release day they’d be restocked. Still nothing.

The Best Buy “store pickup” locator says that the nearest Best Buy with a copy in stock is in Elizabethtown, over 80 miles from here. The Louisville stores are sold out.

Is there some sort of recall or shortage I should know about?

Probably just sold out after the holidays, and not fully restocked yet. As an action figure collector, I’ve experienced huge frustration looking for the latest Justice League figures at Targets and various other stores over the last week. I guess we both have to be patient until new shipments come in.

Is it possible this week’s releases were delayed a day by Ford’s funeral and the postal closing?

Except “Clerks II” came out the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

And no, the Best Buy was full of copies of “Snakes on a Plane” so they got their shipment on time.

For what it may be worth, I’ve heard a lot of buzz for a while now about the scarcity of Clerks 2 in some regions. During release week the movie was also stupidly difficult to find a copy of. Your best bet is just to be patient and keep an eye on the bestbuy website or cave in and purchase elsewhere. Worst-case scenario you can drop in an order at deepdiscountdvd.

I think sometimes they just misjudge the demand for certain movies. Clerks 2 did $25 million at the domestic box office so maybe they thought demand would be low and didn’t produce that many.
It happens with certain movies. I remember when The World’s Fastest Indian came out on DVD the stores didn’t get many copies and it sold out really fast.
Apparently it got good word of mouth and demand outweighed supply.

We are beginning to refer to christmas as the annual “Swapping of the Best Buy Cards” so even if they got stock, you have a ton of folks with gift cards in the stores immediately after christmas.

I was at Best Buy in Salem Oregon yesterday, and there were large quantities of both the regular version and the ox set. That doesn’t do much for you, but they don’t seem scarce on the left coast.

Suitable for viewing on the Oregon Trail.

Or at a Donner Party. :smiley:

I finally found a copy at Meijer today. Ended up using the gift card on season 4 of Scrubs.