Is there a free XP program to stop Web applications?


I am anoyed with all the Add’s on websites, i was using 98ME and “PROXOMITRON”
but i had to switch to XP now and Proxomitron does not work anymore.
Are there any other Free Programs to Filter and stop Add’s?

Which Browser are you using?

Use Firefox, get Adblock.

Add on? What? Are you talking about advertising? If so its “ads” not “adds.”

Seconding Adblock for Firefox.

Now, if only there were something out there that would keep people with ADD from posting about their … look, a squirrel!

Adblock works with IE as well.

I don’t understand why the Proxomitron isn’t working for you. I have run that program on my WinXP box since 2003 with no problems.

I am using Firefox and i have just now dowloaded the AdBlocker add on, thank’s for the reply’s.
I tryed to install “Proxomitron” on WinXP Pro but it comes up with a error message, can you (Asterion) give me some hint what i may be making wrong.

dont forget noscript :slight_smile:

Flashblock replaces flash with a arrow you can click to view the flash. Otherwise the flash doesn’t run. This is very useful.

>I tryed to install “Proxomitron” on WinXP Pro but it comes up with a error message

If you have ad block you dont need Proxomitron. I also dont believe end users who arent dedicated techies should be running proxies.

Of course, this is a matter of personal preference dependent on a number of variables.

Why not? Is there a security risk that I should be aware of?