is there a name for the type of haircut hitler had?

every single hair cut has name attached to it.
what is the name of the haircut that hitler and the HJ had, it seems very close to the haircut that george mcfly sported in back to the future, and of course some of the youth in the Movie swing kids.

does anyone know the name of this style of haircut


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im trying to write a story, and i want to use the actual term for the hair cut instead of just “HJ cut”

After looking at pictures of Hitler and pictures of haircuts, (and noting that Hitler had a few different hairstyles), it looks like he preferred either a “businessman’s cut”, where the sides and back are short and the front is long enough to be parted or brushed back, or a “white walls” cut, where the back and sides are buzzed.

The “Moe Howard”?

BTW, who’s “the HJ”?


HJ = Hitler Jugend = Hitler Youth

Hater of Jews?