Is there a name for this shape?

Take two gothic windows and place them end to end.

It’s like a rectangle with arched points on the short ends.

Or, like a sword that some confused blacksmith put two points on instead of a hilt.

Does it have a name?

Help me, Obi-Wan Kedopers. You’re my only hope!

I think you might be describing a kite.

Here’s a “cite” for the “kite”:

Are the points triangular or arc-like?

I believe you are simply describing an elongated hexagon.

What you’re describing is a symmetrical figure composed of two identical arcs, joined at their endpoints; or the figure caused by a plane bisecting a football, through its point-to-point axis.

I have no idea what it’s called. How about a “BiGoth”?

A pointed arch. A gothic window is the best example I can come up with for the shape, but I want a shape with two points.

Almost. But with arched ends instead of angled.

That’s what I thought. The kite talk was throwing me off.

I don’t know what the technical term is, but in the vernacular I believe it’s a lozenge.

Sorry for pointing the discussion in the kite direction. (I really didn’t know what a Gothic window was - until 10 minutes ago). I thought a kite was the answer.

Not a prob. I wasn’t sure who was confused – that’s why I asked for clarification. :wink:

I dunno the real name for it, but I’d just call it a “pill shape” or “like a PSP”.

I’ve read it as “capsule-shaped” in professional publications. I know that doesn’t mean anything, but there you have it.

Terminator. In FlowChartSpeak.

Okay, if nothing else, I might as well contribute a drawing.
So jsgodess, is the shape you are describing more like the top figure, the bottom or both?


Not so much. She’s looking for pointy bits on the ends.

There’s whole online communities looking for pointy bits on the ends…

I think she’s talking about the shape formed by two arcs intersecting with their concave sides facing each other. Or what people used to call a pescis. We know it as the main shape of a Jesus fish.

Is this the shape you’re looking for, jsgoddess?

The creator of that website’s background should never be let near a computer again.