Is there a name for this type of shelving?

I’m trying to find shelves very similar to this style but am having trouble. I was hoping this style had a specific name that would help me find what I need.


Floating Shelves?

The picture has the words “floating shelves” written over the top of it.
effe elle owe aye tee eye enn gee !
F L O A T I N G … put them together…

It might be floating shelving…

:slight_smile: I’m aware they’re “floating shelves”, but that term hasn’t proven to be specific enough. I’m looking for that shape. Maybe there isn’t a specific term beyond “floating shelves” and my question doesn’t really have a definitive answer.

The essential element is they have no obvious brackets. That’s what floating shelves are. That yours have some fancy arrangement does not stop them being floating shelves.

I found something vaguely similar after searching on “c shaped floating shelves.” But the ones shown in the OP might be custom.

Home made.

If you care to actually read my message you quoted, I was looking for a more specific term; similarly to the suggestion"c shaped floating shelves" from the user below you.

Let me put it to you this way: If I were looking for a diesel truck to purchase, I wouldn’t simply search “trucks for sale”; I would search “diesel trucks for sale”. It may not be the best analogy, but hopefully you grasp my point.

Okay, then, perhaps they’re c-shaped floating shelves…

Judging by the variety of configurations in all those images, I’m guessing that every such installation may potentially be a custom design. You (or your hired carpenter) may simply improvise any pattern at will, at the time the shelves are built. So there might not be any particular name for every particular pattern. Maybe, like snowflakes, there are no two alike.

What holds these shelves up? Are they made of upsidaisium?

ETA: I kinda like this combined staircase/bookshelf/closet design!

I googled “shelves with no visible support” and got “How to Build Floating Shelves” with this being the first link:

Well, they’re marked as ‘not available’ right now, but what about these ones on Amazon?

I googled for shaped floating shelves and clicked on ‘images’.
Or these, from the same search.

I read your message and it specifically says you wanted to know the name of the STYLE. It said nothing about the shape. That STYLE is Floating Shelving. Had you stated YOUR REQUEST FOR HELP in more detail then the misunderstanding that you were chastising jezzaOZ over wouldn’t have occurred.

But I gotta admit. Those are some nice shelves. I hope you can find the SHAPE that you are looking for.

I think the nature of OP’s question was pretty obvious. Do you hardliners honestly believe the OP didn’t see the caption on the photo? It is reasonable to think there is a design studio with their name attached to this sort of shelf. A Noguchi table is a ‘coffee’ table, but if that’s what you are looking for searching Noguchi is going to get you better results than ‘coffee table’.


I disagree. It was like asking “What color is this red ball?”
The respondent would answer, “Red?”
Then the OP would say, “If you read my question you’d know that I was looking for more specific information like the color temperature value!”

The OP thought the question was clear when it wasn’t.
No biggie, it happens all of the time. The respondents eventually understood the question and provided info.

Crutch shaped floating shelf

A design modified box shelf.

You can make it yourself, or as Kimstu points out, buy it. I suspect, after reading the details on the Amazon link, that if you want a quality product, make it yourself. Or get someone with the appropriate skills to make it for you.

What I’d do to get that shelf: for each hook shape:
Get some good wood, and some wall shelf hanging hardware.

  1. hang one long floating shelf
  2. hang one short floating shelf above (or below) it, with one end lined up with the long shelf.
  3. Connect the long and short shelf with a vertical piece.

Here is a crutch-shaped guitar.

Here is a crutch-shaped pencil.

I don’t get how this is a crutch-shaped shelf. Can someone explain?