Is there a place to report offensive PMs?

Because I just got a doozy of a one.

Shall I post it here?

I would forward it to one of the admins or mods.

You can forward private messages. It’s somewhere in the options when you’re viewing your list of messages. Or possibly while viewing the specific message.

I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning:

I don’t think there’s a rule prohibiting posting PMs

Thanks. I actually just ended up posting it in the relevant thread, since she posted almost the exact same thing there. I have a feeling she’s going to get banned anyway, considering she is coming down on everyone with curses and insults.

which thread?

inquiring busybodies want to know

I can say I’ve never gotten an offensive PM in all my time here - nigh on ten years. I mean, I’ve gotten people PMing me disagreeing with me, but they were always polite. First time!

Please forward it to us – while we can’t prevent this kind of thing, there tend to be adverse consequences.

You should always report something of this nature to us and let the staff sort it out.

Send it to me, please.


That was kind of freaky. Is this the modern equivalent of the obscene phone call? Not the specific content, but just someone voicing themself as offensively as they can. It’s like a 4 year old running around yelling “Poopy - Poopy - Poopy”. I wonder if they grow up and do this sort of thing.

Even those of us who are pure of mind want to know.

Huh. I would have bet the farm it was the elf come thread.

I would have (kind of ) understood that. I could see how it might offend someone. But this was such an innocuous post!

I don’t think this is going to come as a big surprise, but based on her abusive posts and PMs, we’ve banned Redshesaid.

Imagine my surprise.

FYI, I believe that putting someone on your Ignore list blocks them from sending PMs to you.

I don’t get many PMs.


FYI, we’ve had this discussion before, and there is no rule against re-posting a PM you received to a public thread. Though I don’t recall it being mentioned, I would assume exceptions to that would be parts that reveal personal information such as real name, phone number, etc.

So c’mon, show us your PM!

I just got (well, just noticed) a PM that screamed “scammy spam”, but the sender was already banned, so I presume there’s no further action required.

Where do I go to request offensive PMs?

Check your PMs dude.


I was shocked and disgusted.