Is there a proper way to cut eyelashes?

I’m a dude with long eyelashes. I’ve never cut them before, but I think I should at least try it once.

Is there a right way to do this? Do I just go at it with some scissors? For some reason that doesn’t seem right to me, and it might result in uneven eyelashes.

Why, when living in a culture that praises and prizes long eyelashes, do you feel the need to try this at all? Setting aside the occasional lash that grows towards the eye, I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, and Google results are all devoted to debunking the myth that cutting lashes makes them grow back longer/thicker.

Yeah, unless you seriously have a problem where they impede your daily life, embrace your sexy lashes, son!

I started wearing glasses about a year ago and discovered that my lashes (mostly my left eye, oddly) were rubbing the lenses and annoying me. I use a small nose-hair scissors to snip off the ends about every other month.

I’m curious to see if I’d look better with shorter eyelashes.

If I don’t, I promise to grow them back to normal length. :wink:

My brother has longer eyelashes than I do, and mine are pretty long. I’m a bit jealous of his. Also his natural curls. Why did he get those, I ask?

I know you weren’t asking for opinions, but keep 'em. I’ve never seen anybody who I thought would look better with shorter eyelashes.

Don’t do this yourself! If you really dislike your eyelashes, find an old-line barber (who is seriously into mens’ grooming) or a new-line beauty salon–probably not in your local mall.

Really, though. Long eyelashes are quite attractive, on women or men…

This is taking manscaping a bit too far dude.

I am a guy with fairly long lashes. As noted, it is generally considered to be a good thing. I tried this experiment as a kid. Don’t do it! Eyelashes don’t trim well at all. They are meant to be presented at their natural length with a slight curl at the end. Trimming them looks retarded to be kind about it. You can’t shape them to look natural at all. It will just look like you enlisted your eyeballs in the military.

Next up: Penis reduction self-surgery. Worth it?

First of all, you won’t look better. They will look blunt and stubby. Lashes normally taper to a point. Cutting them makes them blunt. That will look odd, at best.

Secondly, lashes grow very slowly, in fact, they are replaces as they are lost. It can take years.
They tend to become less dense and shorter as one ages, so just wait.

Huh. This is something I didn’t consider. I thought they would grow back at the same rate hair does.

So much for that idea.

With a fruit knife, held in the right hand.

Is this a stealth brag? :wink:

I think conventional wisdom suggests you keep sharp objects away from your eyes, even if there isn’t a warning on the sharps package.

Why in the name of all that is holy do dudes ALWAYS have the type of eyelashes that some women would commit murder for? Every single boyfriend I’ve ever had has had better eyelashes than me. It’s just not fair!

Yeah, I’m going to go with “don’t do it, it’ll look stupid” crowd. I also may or may not have to pout in a corner.


Long lashes on anyone of any gender are a beautiful thing. Why disfigure yourself so?

Seriously! My new guy actually has thick dark lashes on his lower lids too. It’s gorgeous. Bastard.

Really? I’ve always just melted mine back with a soldering gun.

It’s bad enough, guys are fucking up their eyebrows (I love heavy brows, even mono’s) . . . and body hair. Now they’re performing a sacrilege of cutting their lashes? Are we to become a totally hairless species?

Hey OP, when I wear certain types of eyeglasses my lashes touch them and are irritating too. My grandfather had this problem as well.

DON’T TRIM THEM! You’ll probably injure yourself and if you don’t, you’ll look stupid like another poster said, since you won’t have the slight natural curl at the end.

I recommend buying an eyelash curler and using it in the AM. Shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds and it’ll get them out of the way as well as make you look better.

Win win win. Just remember to replace the pads every 2 months or so.

Leaning over the grill while you light the gasoline soaked charcoal is pretty effective too.