Is there a REAL "Work At Home" Opportunity Out There?

I’m sure you, as well as I, get bombarded with all those e-mails touting money-making “Work At Home” business opportunities (as well as all those TV infomercials about buying and selling real estate at a profit).

Well, anyway… are there any REAL and LEGITMATE businesses/money-making opportunities out there?

(And don’t say Amway – with the advent of warehouse shopping, Am’ers are a dying breed.)

Writing. Requires talent. Usually.
Furniture making (or any of a wide variety of make-small-things-in-your-shop: banjos, fishing rods, tricking out hot rods…). Requires talent and a lot of tools.
Telemarketing. Requires talent and being a tool.

Medical transcription is one of the few jobs I know that allow you to work from home and still get a decent wage. Of course, you will have to work for someone else (which may be an issue if you insist on “having your own business”) and you had better be a fast typer and be reliable because whoever is providing the paycheck will insist on both.

Having a medical background and/or degree helps but I imagine many places probably test you before letting you sign on with them

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