Is there a scab in my throat?

Not looking for medical advice exactly- I’m not sick at all at this point. If anyone suggested that I should see a doctor (providing they may know what they’re talking about), I have no problem doing that. Heck, I work in a doctor’s office, so no biggie.
But this is just kind of weird, so I don’t want to be seen unless I need to.

Two or three weeks ago, I had a sore throat for a few days. This was accompanied by fever, chills, and body aches. Not flu-like, because a dose of ibuprofen or Tylenol completely obliterated all symptoms, and I could function quite well. No respiratory symptoms, either. No rash, or headache, or anything else that I can recall.

Then the other day, I had a most horrifying experience. Out of my throat emerged this thing. It was about 2 centimeters long, a clear/white color covered with a little mucus, and fairly rigid. It was shaped like, well, like the inside of a throat. I hadn’t coughed, so I don’t think it came out of my lungs. I just suddenly felt something in my throat and hacked a tiny bit and there it was. Ew. Fortunately I was alone at the time. I instinctively tucked it into a paper towel and threw it away. Looking back, I wish I would have saved it and sent it to the pathologist, but I didn’t.

Every day since then, 3 or 4 days, around the same time of day, I feel that tickle again and try to get whatever it is to come up, but it’s too far down and I end up swallowing it.

I was thinking maybe my sore throat developed an abrasion? We do skin biopsies in my office, and we’re taught that a moist lesion does not develop a scab. I’ve tried to google it, but the terms I can think of are so vague that it’s worthless.

Anybody know the answer to this? I’m very curious to know what that thing was, as you can imagine.

Seems to me other SDopers have discussed (disgust?) this. Since it would be hard to search in the archived threads, I’m sure some SD will be along to help you out ASAP… - Jinx

It sounds like a tonsil stone, according to what I have learned from previous Dope threads. The people who were experts in those threads can come be experts here–but that’s my quick-and-dirty guess.

I don’t think it was a tonsil stone. It doesn’t sound anything like one, from what I’ve learned on my searches about it. I could be wrong, though.

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Also, for a couple of days afterward, the spot it came from seems to feel the slightest bit raw, but not sore.

And, I didn’t mention, the thing was flat. Around 2 cm in length, and maybe 3/4 cm in width.

Sometimes you can get an inflammatory exudate of pus, mucus and dead cells over the tonsils perhaps that is what it was?

Sounds like a bronchial cast to me - a hardended bit of phlegm and gunk that took the shape of an area of your respiratory tract until you horked it up with your coughing.

Well, I’m pretty sure it came out of my throat, not lungs. I didn’t cough before it came out.

I wasn’t sure what it was called, but Whynot’s desription fits what happens to me probably twice a year, with allergy related drainage leading to bronchidis(sp?) and anyone here who has bad allergies probably has hocked up a few of these.

I’ve had that happen a couple times after an illness. IANAD, but it seems to be a collection of mucus, dead bacteria and their wastes that happen to get stuck in the tissues at the back of the throat. It usually breaks off and is swallowed eventually, but sometimes, like in your case, muscle contractions move it up and out of the mouth.