Is there a service that will mail out CDs of uploaded audio files?

I have a service that records phoned-in messages and mails out monthly CD’s with the recordings.

I’d like to get out of the business of burning the CD’s, printing the label, and packaging and mailing. I have a robotic CD production machine but it’s still a hassle.

I’ve seen some services that are geared towards short run CD production (for bands and companies), but in my case every CD is unique, and I’m just mailing out one customized CD at a time, not hundreds or thousands.

I’d just like to upload the audio files, the mailing address, and the label and have the service do the rest, ideally for $10 or less per CD. Are their any options that you know of?

I don’t know of any service, but it seems to me (depending on your volume) that you have the makings of a very nice part-time job for some college student. “Hey I’ll give you 5 (or 10 or whatever) bucks a CD to burn these, label them, and mail them out.” When I was in college, seeing as I was burning CDs almost every single day, I would have killed for a job like this. does this.